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Cessation Of Neomail Support

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Effective 8/1/2005, TotalChoice Hosting will no longer be offering NeoMail on any of our shared servers. Removal of features provided to our client base is not a decision we take lightly. However circumstances exist that has forced us to make this move. Our decision is based on the following factors:


1. NeoMail is no longer in development and has not been since 2002, almost 3 years ago. This means that any bugs or security issues are no longer being fixed by the developers. As this is a 3rd party software, cPanel is not supporting it directly, instead leaving it to the developers to fix any issues. This has become a serious issue!


2. The current version of Perl does not work well with NeoMail. When a user reaches their full disk quota and accesses their NeoMail, a NeoMail process will open indefinitely using 50-99% of the CPU power until forcibly killed by our admin team. We have been actively and proactively dealing with this for many weeks. However this problem has recently grown more serious and we must take action. Since neither cPanel nor the original NeoMail developers are interested in fixing this we have no other choice but to remove this option from our servers. This has been an issue for many months and is documented.


3. cPanel provides excellent alternatives for web mail users such as Horde and Squirrel mail. Therefore we will be asking all NeoMail users to transition to these other alternatives as soon as possible.


Once again, we will stop supporting NEOMAIL on 8/1/2005 on all shared servers. This affects both reseller servers and virtual servers. We have also advised dedicated server clients on this issue as well.


Thank you for your support.

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Thanks for the heads up Bill. It's an unfortunate feeling when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. I'm proud to be a customer of your fine organization. Thanks again for the heads up (although personally I prefer squirrelmail :) ).

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Good Day folks, :)


Is there anything I have to do to switch from NeoMail to Horde?


It's not really that important at this time as I don't have a live site up. But I should set up an account.




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If you had entries in your Addressbook in NeoMail it is a pretty easy process to import them into Horde.


1. Log into the account using an FTP program and download the addressbook from the .neomail-emailuser/cpanelusername folder that is in your root folder and save them to your computer.


2. Go to Horde and click on Organizing then Address Book.


3. Click on the Import/Export icon at the top.


4. Using the comma delimited format browse for the file on your computer and follow the steps and it should work fine.

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After writing up how to import the Addressbook from Neomail to Horde last night I got to thinking about whether it was possible with SquirrelMail since SquirrelMail does not have an import option enabled.


It is possible and fairly easy to do. Neomail only has two fields in the addressbook, the nickname and the email address. SquirrelMail has five fields and the order is Nickname, First Name, Last Name, email address, and Other Info. Here are the steps to copy your addresses over:


1. Download the Neomail address book by using an FTP program and going to .neomail-emailuser/cpanelusername. The file is called addressbook.


2. Edit the file in a text editor. Change the colon to three bars, i.e. find : and replace with |||.


3. Save the file to a folder called .sqmaildata in your root folder to a file in the form of emailuser@yourTCHdomain.com.abook. (You can overwrite the file that is there if you have not stored addresses in SquirrelMail since it will create an empty file by default.)


That's it. You should have your addresses in SquirelMail now.


Please note that this only works in the SquirrelMail that is accesses by using /webmail after the domain name or accessed through your CPanel.


If you need the addressbook in the installation accessed by adding /sqmail at the end of your domain you would need to log in using /webmail, perform the steps above, and then open a Help Desk ticket and have us copy the file to the proper folder on the server.

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