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Want To Change Wordpress Directory


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Please note while reading this that I am far from sure about this since I have never tried it myself... ;)


In options > general there is something named blog adress, with the description

"If you want your blog homepage to be different than the directory you installed WordPress in, enter that address here."


I think you can enter http://your-tch-hosted-domain.com here and it will show up as the roots index page.


And, welcome to the forum. :)

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Why didn't I read this thread 3 hours ago? I have been doing almost exactly this -- but I've been trying to move it from one subdomain to another (actually, the same subdomain name, but with a different parked domain name).


I've been having trouble all morning. :blink:

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I've never tried it, because I couldn't get my brain around how it would work (and because I don't have a domain that I'm willing to test it on right now... what if it wrecks the content in my public_html folder or something). So, the answer is no, I didn't try it.

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Hello all,


In-regards to the repy to the original poster. What you could do first is, copy all of your word press folders and files keeping the same structure as your first WP installation and keep the wp-config of the first installation and then just upload all the stuff into the main root directory.


So it would be:

public_html folder

wordpress <-directory of original word press installation

wp-admin <-- right inside the root directory

wp-content <-- right inside the root directory

wp-includes <-- right inside the root directory

all other word press files <-- right inside the root directory including the original wp-config file as well.


Just keep the original config file though from the original installation...because all your really going to change is the location of the word press files.. I'm not sure if you have the same FTP software as I do, but once inside the FTP directory... I can just highlight all the files within a directory and right click to move them out into the root if I want to..


But as for the guy that replied to the original poster... that would work, putting that url inside of wordpress, but you'd have to have the files of word press moved to. Here's link to the word press forums about this:





P.S. Because if you just change the url in the Word Press config panel to point to the root directory, it will or could screw it up I think because all the files aren't being pulled up right. I'm not really sure, but as far as I know that's what would happen.

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I don't know if you're still looking for help on this, mizmamahaze, but moving your WP installation is actually very simple. I did it with my installation last week, without problem.


Easy-to-follow instructions here on the Wordpress codex:




There's also helpful info on how to have your WP index file in the root directory of your domain - that means your blog address can be www.myblog.com instead of something like www.myblog.com/wordpress or whatever.




Two additional things to pay attention to:


1. If you have customized any of the files in your theme where those files include specific URLs: you'd need to manually edit those to ensure they point to the correct locations once you've done your move.

2. If you use the Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin, make sure you run it again to generate a new RSS URL for Feedburner that reflects the new location of the RSS feed. Then you need to update the feed address at Feedburner.


Other than that, it was all very simple in my experience.

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