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  1. Ah, that makes it so simple. I'd never have thought of that file - I was looking for a mod_rewrite file... Thanks, Bruce, appreciate your help!
  2. Hi all. I'm in the process of migrating my hosted TypePad blog to a WordPress blog I'm running on my TCH account. I have a question re Apache mod_rewrite. First, though, a bit of background to my question. The big remaining issue is that of ensuring that no one gets a 404 error if they go to a historical post originally published on the TypePad blog that will now be in the WordPress blog. As TypePad and WordPress have wholly different formats for URL naming, migrating those URLs is difficult, to say the least. I've found some excellent assistance online on how to import content from TypePad into WordPress and what I need to do to ensure that no incoming links are broken. Part of that includes creating some custom rules in mod_rewrite. I've done some thinking out loud here: http://www.tle.us.com/2005/11/15/the-dilem...-matching-urls/ So a long preamble to my actual question - how do I do that? I can't find any file or script called mod_rewrite anywhere in my account. Do I have to create a new file? How do I do that? Thanks!
  3. Aaron, thanks for that explanation, I appeciate the clarification. I'm glad I posted my questions here! As the domain is currently mapped to a TypePad address, I guess I'd still need to un-map it, so to speak, at GoDaddy. When I do that, what do I map it to - a TCH name server? Or not map it at all?.
  4. Hi all. Maybe the answer to my questions is simple, but I just want to be sure! And learn some points I'm not sure about. I have a TCH account. I want to map a domain I own (hosted on GoDaddy.com) to my TCH account. The domain is currently mapped to a blog on TypePad. I think what I need to do is this, in this order: 1. In my account settings at GoDaddy.com, in the Total DNS Control and MX Settings section, change the CNAME record to point to the URL of my TCH site. 2. Wait for 24 hours or so until the DNS change has propagated itself. 3. Then, un-map the domain from TypePad by changing a config setting in my TypePad admin. When I then republish the site, everything there reverts back to the underlying TypePad address. First question - is there anything I need to do in my TCH account in between 1 and 2 above? Second question - what TCH address do I use for the new CNAME setting? My TCH account URL? Its numeric equivalent? And do I need to also change the A(Host) setting at GoDaddy.com and if so, what IP address do I tell it? Thanks, everyone.
  5. I don't know if you're still looking for help on this, mizmamahaze, but moving your WP installation is actually very simple. I did it with my installation last week, without problem. Easy-to-follow instructions here on the Wordpress codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress There's also helpful info on how to have your WP index file in the root directory of your domain - that means your blog address can be www.myblog.com instead of something like www.myblog.com/wordpress or whatever. http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPres...s_Own_Directory Two additional things to pay attention to: 1. If you have customized any of the files in your theme where those files include specific URLs: you'd need to manually edit those to ensure they point to the correct locations once you've done your move. 2. If you use the Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin, make sure you run it again to generate a new RSS URL for Feedburner that reflects the new location of the RSS feed. Then you need to update the feed address at Feedburner. Other than that, it was all very simple in my experience.
  6. Thanks Thomas, appreciate your help.
  7. Thanks, everyone, I appreciate your comments. I do understand the points you've all quite clearly and strongly made re responsibility for backups. I have no problem with that especially as it's now clear to me what the process is and responsibilities are here at TCH. Re today's problems with server 107, I now cannot access any site. What's more, when I log in to CPanel it tells me I have no SQL databases installed when I in fact have (had) three. However, I'm assuming that this is due to the fact that the restore is still going on, right?
  8. No doubt. Part of the reason for asking what the procedure here is. For instance, if it says backups are done every 24 hours then that would influence how frequently I do my own. Of course, anything I regard as really crirical, I keep another copy someplace else no matter how frequent a server backup might be. I was in an email chat just now with Abdul at TCH Tech Support (I'd filed a help ticket this morning as soon as I was aware of the server problem) who said "The restore process is underway, accounts starting with A-F are done. Please give us some more time to restore all the accounts." My account starts with C and I can now access sites, CPanel, etc. But I was wondering about Abdul's comment - does this mean that further restoring on my account is going on? Could I interpret those comments to mean that maybe all my stuff will re-appear again? Or is that just wishful thinking?
  9. Hi all. I've been following with keen interest the progress on fixing the hard disk failure on server 107 today as that's the one with all my stuff on it! Glad to see things seem to be up and running again, and I'm impressed both with the speedy fixing as well as with your timely communication in the forum on the progress. I do have a big concern, though, and that's to do with the backup you restored. I'm running two blogs on my site. Both experimental so not business-critical or anything like that. I did quite a bit of work on both during yesterday Sunday. None of that work is reflected in either blog. It's as if nothing changed at all. So I assume the backup doesn't include anything from over 24 hours ago. Frankly, that's pretty alarming. I'm doing my own weekly backup, but it looks like I should be doing it more frequently than that. Can you tell me what is your backup procedure? If there's a page on the site somewhere that expalins it, please tell me where. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, everyone. Of course I'd assumed the IP address was TCH's. I use my TCH account for routing my email. In any event, it seems that the problem was wholly at my colleague's end. He says he's fixed whatever it was. Indeed, I've had no more such email issues with him. Thanks.
  11. Hi all. In emailing a colleague today, I started getting undeliverables back saying that my host is blacklisted. I use my TCH account as my email server. Here's the actual text from the response email I get: A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: name@address SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<name@address>: host mx1.spamsoap.com []: 591 your host [] is blacklisted. Send your questions to blacklist-admin@darkstar.address (name@address aren't real of course. Did i need to say that? The IP address is TCH's. I've dropped a note a to my colleague (to his Gmail address this time), but is there anything at my end I should do or be concerned about? Thanks.
  12. Don, many thanks. Clearer now. I have no issues with the TCH policy you've outlined. As long as I understand what you can and cannot do, that's ok. Thanks for your help.
  13. Actually, I have a further thought about this. If I can't point a domain at a directory, then I guess the simplest thing to do would be to point my domain at my primary address. So www.tle.us.com would become www.nevon.net. Would that be right? I could see that as a good solution, in fact, which fits with some of my development plans for how I want to use my domain name. Or if I transferred the www.nevon.net domain from GoDaddy and parked it here, would that give me some flexibility? Then there's domain forwarding here. Does this give me any options? Am I asking the right questions? Sorry for the newbie-ness of my questions... Thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks, both of you, for your helpful replies. Ok, so I'd like to be sure I wholly understand this. Here's the thing. I have a domain (www.nevon.net) that's currently mapped to my blog on TypePad. So if you type that address, you'll get to the blog (real address: nevon.typepad.com) but everything there - permalinks, comments, trackbacks, etc - will show the mapped address. Both work, in fact. So I'm setting up a blog here at TCH. I'm currently running an experiment with Movable Type and WordPress to see which platform I want to use. I have two experimental blogs: www.tle.us.com/weblogs/nevon (MT) and www.tle.us.com/weblogs/nevon2wp (WP). One of these will be the platform I'll use for my blog development. So for one of those addresses, I'd want to use www.nevon.net. If I understand your replies, I can't unless I buy a TCH Reseller account. Do I understand it right? Thanks for your help!
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