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  1. Is it possible to revert to the "original" website. I screwed something up along the way, I don't know what I did, but I've uploaded a script, and it's telling me it can't find it. I want to just start over, like...hitting a reset button. Is this possible?
  2. nevermind nevermind nevermind i had to change the address inside wordpress and all is fine now. sorry, sometimes the answer is the easiest overlooked.
  3. i mean dns (not ip), and it's NOT www.doman.com so if you go to www.mshayes.com the url shows the server and user name etc... is this normal? shouldn't it show www.mshayes.com/etc... is is not done "propagating" yet?
  4. I installed Wordpress in it's own directory. Works fine. But how do I go about changing it to be the index page. Do I need to reinstall? And can I put it back in a subdirectory later? Please speak slowly...
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