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Reseller Upgrade


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Hey Team :)


Im finally happy with your awesome service :shocking: (Although the domain transfer is taking ages.... is this normal?)


Oh ok then anyways, I have a starter account 400 meg type one, my mate bought a domain and I was thinking if I get a reseller one do you get Cpanel WHM so I can give him account and point his domain so he can have an account with it? If so does the upgrade cost the same as the package or what? Can some dumb down it all? Thansks





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Now, as I understood this, it's not a credit but you get credited back to your credit card and you have to go through billing all over again, is that correct? I'm lost.


I'm so confused. Someone hold my head. Sorry, for maybe reviving a old topic.



Off-note: Kaz, nice avatar.

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