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    Php Includes

    I removed the javascript php header, the image works now on the adpage but It wont work in external pages, i dont want to include the page via an iframe
  2. My page (http://ads.khaleel.co.uk/ad.php) On each load it displays HTML ad code. For example one page load displays: The php code is ><? // Header("content-type: application/x-javascript"); virtual('/cgi-bin/ledads/la_ad.cgi'); ?> My External html page where I want the add to show up has this code: ><table width="$borderwidth" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="$tablewidth" align="center" bgcolor="$bordercolor"> <tr> <td class="nav" style="padding-bottom: 1px" bgcolor="$altbg1"> <center><a href="http://www.khaleel.co.uk/advertise.html?refer=olsen34905039850093sfd"> <img src="http://ads.khaleel.co.uk/newTop.gif" border="0" alt="advertise here!" width="468" height="10" /></a><br> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ads.khaleel.co.uk/ad.php"></script></center></td> </tr> </table> However every time I try loading this page, the advert never seems to show, it just shows an image above it (the advertise here image) but no ad below it, not even a php error Im lost
  3. kaz

    Blog Software

    1) Check all blog site links to other blogs to see customisations and how it looks 2) look for admin demos and stuff 3) check their community forums or support pages even email em to see how they respond if they do 4) search for hacks/mods/themes etc for the blog and see if their are and easy to find Ive used MT, and Wordpress and b2 and now im using Nuclues CMS, its really cool and everything you need is on the site
  4. Ignore this:ENGINE = MYISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = latin1 Its this: ENGINE = MYISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = latin1;
  5. Im running a backup for xmb forum (they never respond to support of their forums) Im in phpMyAdmin and trying to upload the 700kb+ database backup (was small community) when I try uploading it I get this error: >SQL query: CREATE TABLE `xmb_attachments` ( `aid` int( 10 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , `tid` int( 10 ) NOT NULL default '0', `pid` int( 10 ) NOT NULL default '0', `filename` varchar( 120 ) NOT NULL default '', `filetype` varchar( 120 ) NOT NULL default '', `filesize` varchar( 120 ) NOT NULL default '', `attachment` longblob NOT NULL , `downloads` int( 10 ) NOT NULL default '0', PRIMARY KEY ( `aid` ) , KEY `tid` ( `tid` ) , KEY `pid` ( `pid` ) ) ENGINE = MYISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = latin1 MySQL said: Documentation #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1' at line 13 What is wrong with ENGINE = MYISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = latin1 that syntax? What do they mean by syntax?
  6. The code reads >$db->query("INSERT INTO $table_members (uid, username, password, regdate, postnum, email, site, aim, status, location, bio, sig, showemail, timeoffset, icq, avatar, yahoo, customstatus, theme, bday, langfile, tpp, ppp, newsletter, regip, timeformat, msn, ban, dateformat, ignoreu2u, lastvisit, mood, pwdate, invisible, u2ufolders, saveogu2u, emailonu2u, useoldu2u, webcam, moodicon, gender, zodiac, readrules, lastcodedate, awards, card ) VALUES ('', '$username', '$password', ".$db->time(time(, '$card')).", '0', '$email', '$site', '$aim', '$self[status]', '$locationnew', '$bio', '$sig', '$showemail', '$timeoffset1', '$icq', '$avatar', '$yahoo', '', '$thememem', '$bday', '$newlangfile', '$tpp', '$ppp', '$newsletter', '$onlineip', '$timeformatnew', '$msn', '', '$dateformatnew', '', '', '$newmood', '', '0', '', '$saveogu2u', '$emailonu2u', '$useoldu2u', '$webcam', '$posticon', '$gender', '$zodiac', 'no','', '$awards')"); Error page (HERE) says I know its something to do with the Card string command, im using a card mod for xmb forum software, i cant seem to find problem though
  7. I want to backup an mySQL database on my website. I need to it to be able to be emailed to me daily (as an included attachment from my site) Is this possible? (Ive named it and written in basic format so it will be a good forum to people to search for as this questions is asked alot)
  8. are we allowed adult content on our servers? or mp3 files? Edit: TCH-Bruce - just reworded question
  9. Wait Im getting this error in refer.php Line 17 Reads function rcfg() and line 22 reads >[I]$rcfg['usr'] = 'deathea_superman'; [/I] //line 22 $rcfg['pw'] = 'xxxxxxxxx'; $rcfg['host'] = 'localhost'; $rcfg['db'] = 'deathea_oicaracta'; $rcfg['table'] = 'referdata';
  10. Yes, my cpanel name is "deathea" My code is (for the file refer.php) Never mind done it!!!!!!! thanks everyone the problem was I had $dbname='somethinghere '; and I had a space after the name, it should be "dbname" not "dbname "
  11. I created a new user with permissions to all on the refer database and updated my config but still get Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/deathea/public_html/setupdb.php on line 48 Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/deathea/public_html/setupdb.php on line 52 could not create table refer1
  12. Dont know what you mean nor how to do this
  13. All details I have entered are correct, permissions? There should be nothing to do with permissions im the webmaster I have permission over everything. I used a MySQL creation database from CPanel
  14. Please can you do it for me? The problem is I get a MySQL error when trying to install it Very Strange as my details are correct ive doubled and trebble checked Erm .. say what?
  15. Its a script that displays all referers and all people who have visited your site from where, including search engines, its miles better than the awfull 300 latest visitors that cpanel gives, it displays them in simple format, and it takes 10 seconds to install one mysql table, the problem is, that I cant install it, can someone do this? Ive attached the file Refer.zip
  16. kaz

    Php Parse Error

    shall i just send it to you?
  17. kaz

    Php Parse Error

    yes that line reads $cid = (isset($cid) && is_numeric($cid)) ? (int) $cid : 0;
  18. Thought its best untill you start getting more customers and bigger imcone realistically start small and then save up for a licenced script like fusionshop and asp-123easyshop. stores like play.com started of with non ssl and plain html pages. heck i bet TCH started of small
  19. hey don! nothing of course, i have terapins, but I cant exactly hug them and cuddle up, i had a saint bardard once, it was stolen - how anyone can have the nerve or brains to go in someones house and steel an animal i ask you. anyways keep up the fab work
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