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Transfering My Old Site


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Im interested in buying one of your packages (which after a while of searching I find a bargain! :) ) I would like to transfer my old domain


In this topic it quotes..


You can also transfer your domain name to Total Choice Web Hosting, but there will be an extra fee involved.


So whats the fee, and how do I go about doing this with you? I went to the secure order form, but there is no option to transfer it. Can anyone help?


Sorry if its already been asked, but I could not find an answer.




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:) welcome to the forums Kaz!


if your current host uses cpanel,

you may be able to have the techs transfer your site for you,

the cpanel trasfer works most of the time and will save you a lot of time.


Thanks for the welcome guys :dance: Hmm I'll try going through your transfer system first, these family forums are friendly and a great way to get help - I will contact my host as a last resort - they can be really arogant about negative issues like this

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The price for tranferring refers to who holds the domain name registration for you. If your domain is registered with GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Dotster, or some other reputable registrar, my advice would be just to keep it there and get them to change the "Name Servers" to those at TCH.


If your old web hosting company registered it for you, my advice would be to move it away. You could have TCH be the registrar, but my advice is to keep control of your domain name with a seperate registrar from where you actually host the site. Here are two good ones:




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The message just means that you have used more bandwidth than your plan allows. I'm not sure if they have a daily limit or a monthly limit. You will need to contact your host to determine the problem.


As for transferring the domain here, you should check with them as well and be sure they will either allow changing the nameservers or transferring the domain registration. In doing a Whois Search it looks like the Administrative contact is the hosting company.

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