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Overly Hasty Registration


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Late last night, a friend of mine and I opened an account at Total Choice Hosting. In our haste, we entered the wrong domain name AND the wrong e-mail contact address! The domain name we entered was rochestercriminaldefense.com, and the e-mail we entered was tomanelli-AT-anellilaw.com. These are BOTH wrong! The domain name we need to have on our account is nyscriminaldefenselawyer.com (we own this domain name), and the e-mail address we need to have is dtkotchen-AT-yahoo.com.


Unfortunately, any correspondence from Total Choice Hosting has probably been sent to tomanelli-AT-anellilaw.com. But this is an old, defunct e-mail address, and nothing sent there gets through to us.


I have tried to contact Total Choice Hosting by live chat, e-mail, and telephone in order to rectify this. However, I have not been able to get a response by any of these methods! I am EXTREMELY frustrated. Any suggestions?


Edit by TCH-Jim: Changed @ to -AT- to prevent the evil spammers from harvesting your email addresses from this post and spamming them.

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