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Spam (i Think?)


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Ito, your immediate help is needed. We are a .com corporation that is growing fast (over 1000% a year). We simply cannot keep up with demand.

We testim.gifare searching for motivated individuals who are looking to earn a substantial income working at home.




Ito This is a testim.gifreal world opportunity testim.gifto make an excellent income from home.

No experience is required! We will provide you with any training you may need.



We're looking for testim.gifenergetic and self motivated people. If this is you, then click on the link below now and complete our online information request form, testim.gif& one of our employment specialist will contact you.








Your email address was obtained from an opt-in list. If you testim.gifwish to be deleted from this list,

please click on the following link: and you will be removed from the list.



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I use a box at yahoo and every once in a while this happens to me, too. <_< I figured it was yahoo not understanding my vacation responses, but I could not find evidence of such.


If anyone knows what it is, I'd sure appreciate knowing, too.



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yes i do have a form, but that one is directed to another email address, set by me (and none of the above mentioned addresse).




I just checked my mail and i had 88 new messages, ALL are failed mailer-deamon and other returned mail ********. :)


This is really ******* me off...

:D ;)


I did notice one thing, they all contain "cis at the end in the address



(Language edited by Junior)

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Which mail form are you using?


I hope this helps?:






everytime i check, (after 5 minutes) there are new ones, i tried to configure Cpanel's spamassasin, but it only got a from_blacklist, I need a to_blacklist or something, because the sender changes everytime, but is always directed as mentioned above to *cis*@.


If i find out whos doing this i dont know what im gonna to do that person,

and that aint no joke... :)

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Which "formmail"? If it's the Matt Wright one it is full of security holes and is a favorite of hacks and spammers. Many hosting companies do not even allow the script on thier servers.


Check your log files sometime, there will always be evidence of people looking to find the script so they may exploit it.

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