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  1. Bill & Jim, thank you very much. I'd say the ticket was answered in less than 10 minutes. Really appreciate you! And, yes, Amazing support. Andy said he just can't stay away from TCH, loves it so much. Thank you again! Great work! What a wonderful Working Testimonial! Warmest regards, Nichole
  2. Okay, great, thank you thank you. I resubmitted the ticket and got a confim that you got the ticket. I also chatted with Andy in China. Thank you for your help! I think I will rid myself of the totalchoiceguru yahoo identity as it seems not to be getting my messages to you nice people. Thank you again for your assistance. Oh... when the problem is solved, do you send me a notice? Or do I just check on my ticket periodically? Thank you! Nichole
  3. Hi, Over the last few days we have been trying to communicate with TCH via yahoo messenger, sending messages to totalchoiceguru. This identity comes and goes throughout the day. I sleep only about 4 hours a day so I see that it is often on in the wee hours, too. I used to be able to at least get acknowledged and usually the service was fantastic. So, after a few days trying (and I'm still trying) to get a response from this identity, I wrote to TCH, but the problem about which I'm writing is a password problem. I didn't fill in the password field (yes, this part is my fault) a
  4. So, say I don't know anything about site optimization para nada! But, yet, my site is number 3 or number 4. Your guarantee for the top 20 would be kind of meaningless. Or, would you guarantee a higher ranking if the ranking is already high, ds? Thank much, friend. Feel the love, Nichole TCH Stones
  5. Ooh I like the rocks. Cool.
  6. the list should be short and powerful. Lists that are too long are ignored by the search engines. It is considered rude to list competitors in your keywords.
  7. And don't forget about advertising off the web. I do maintain a site for an art museum which advertises on television and radio. They never list their web address. How goofy! Anyway, I love internet marketing. New technique: Enter real contests with real awards. Have your clients enter real contests with real awards. My company just won second place for the website we designed for First Night Great Falls 2003. This was an international contest. Now, First Night International talks about us, and First Night Great Falls. First Night Great Falls will do a press release to the local
  8. I use a box at yahoo and every once in a while this happens to me, too. <_< I figured it was yahoo not understanding my vacation responses, but I could not find evidence of such. If anyone knows what it is, I'd sure appreciate knowing, too. Thanks
  9. Wow, this looks like my hotel room. I'm opening a new office in Helena Montana and it's not quite ready yet. I have 4 computers in here and a large screen television. I wonder what the maid thinks is going on in here.
  10. Oh my gosh, facing three other people that close. Whoa! I beg you, quickly run to your closest book store and purchase Feng Shui at Work. Follow it and you will be much happier and productive in the office, as will your co-workers. Nichole
  11. Fausey Incorporated OA FauseyDoesIT (In Montana) Where's your image?
  12. Fausey Incorporated OA FauseyDoesIT (in Montana) TCH Rocks TCH Rocks TCH Rocks TCH Rocks TCH Rocks Thanks for being such a fantastic organization. You're helping me to get the edge in this area. All the other hosts are charging 400% more than you, TO START! Thanks so much! I can pass these savings right on to my clients and they love me for it. God Bless Total Choice Hosting! Nichole Fausey
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