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This Place Is The Best!


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When I started looking for a new hosting company, the most important item on my checklist was uptime. Followd close in second place by honesty and good technical support. Here was my checklist of items that my new hosting company had to have.


1. Excellent Uptime

2. 24 hour technical support

3. Allowed PHP Scripting

4. Honest and Reliable upper level management

5. Monthly billing

6. CRON Jobs

7. Open and unbiased support forums

8. USA Based

9. 100mbps Connection for my server

10. Server watching tools


Totalchoicehosting.com nailed every one of my ten points. I found totalchoicehosting.com thru WebHostingTalk.com and started reading the reviews. Every one of the reviews i read was above average and in fact most of them were excellent. I was impressed.


I looked at the website. This was my first and only area that I was not tickled pink. The totalchoicehosting.com website does not look like it was professionally designed. However, there is TONS of information on the site. It just took some time on my part to find it all.


Uptime has been EXCELLENT! In fact my site has only been down once and it was for under < 2 minutes. I sent in a help ticket and one of the techs answered back in < 5 miniutes saying that the server needed a reboot cause someone was causing high loads. Turned out to be my site that was the problem. Suni worked with me and we found the problem right away. I installed a new script on my site and it was not working right. Suni made one or two tweaks and told me it would work gopod now. The support here is amazing!


I can not tell you how happy I am with this hosting firm.



Totalchoicehosting.com is by far the best value on the internet today! BAR NONE!


Thank you for your time and anyone with questions on my review can contact me direct. gator120@aol.com



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Welcome to the family....There's no place like home so don't bother looking!


And contrary to Thomas's post, only a few of us are crazy. :dance:



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