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Another Hurricane


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I'm on vacation....In the Florida Keys. Our own local Tropical paradise.


The management has notified us that we may be politely asked to leave before our stay is complete. And be escorted by the police if the category 4 hurricane Frances stays on the current track. The law down here says that all visitors must evacuate the Keys when a cat 3 storm is approaching. Apparently they had problems when Charley came through last month...people refusing to leave when told.


The bad part: When we leave here and drive north, we will go right into it! :(


Ah....the joys of living in the Sunshine State (remind me how we got that name again????!) :P



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we'll know more at the next update, but the 8:00 track prediction takes it north into the Daytona area. I'm working just north of samrc (in Ft. Lauderdale) and HAD plans to go to Melbourne this weekend. We shall see! Here we go again!

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Oh no! My daughter went down to Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area) this week to escape NY during the convention. Out of the frying pan and into the fire!


Love those Keys though... I was there on vacation in June... didn't want to leave.


Be safe everyone...



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Yes, we will be definitely leaving the keys early... if for no other reason than to get to our homes and prepare for the new threat.


The worst thing about having another storm so quickly on the heels of Charley is that our streets are lined with debris that hasn't been picked up yet! Tree branches, and lots of other materials that could be thrown around by Frances. The winds will be bad, but now the winds can carry battering rams to beat our houses and fly through windows! This storm coming across Central Florida has the potential to be far worst for that reason.


The people across the hall are here from Port Charlotte.... They lost their house in Charley and their business is still being repaired.


A slideshow of Charley damage is available on my homepage:

http://www.samisite.com if anyone wants to see what a hurricane can do to INTERNAL counties, let alone what it does to the coastal counties.


Since we were out of batteries at my local Home Depot store when we left, I stopped by this one down here to get more.... Thinking of getting a generator to take it back with us....


Don't want to leave....had pizza delivered to the pool last night...watched a fantastic sunset.... It's so lovely here.... SIGH......



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