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Problems With Tds Users On Server 19


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I'm a reseller on server 19. One of my users, newhopecc.net, has been having intermittent problems connecting this week. They are able to connect to all other internet sites, but nothing that is on server 19. The problem comes and goes--I was there wednesday and it wouldn't work one minute, and the next it was fine. (It always works fine for me on RoadRunner.)


Just a minute ago when doing a tracert it would not even start, it said unable to find the host. Same thing with ping. When pinging the server's IP address it was successful though.


I'm not at the location at the moment, so I had a staff member call tech support. They use TDS DSL in Indianapolis. TDS said that it was a hosting issue and they'd have to contact me.


I really don't think this is a TCH problem (but could I be wrong?), i'm just trying to figure out what I've got to do to fix it. Any help?





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If it was pinging the IP address happily, but not the domain name - then it sounds more like a DNS issue. Have you checked that the DNS is reporting correctly at their location? Can they see the site using the IP address with /~username ?

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Since it wasn't a server 19 issue, I have moved the topic.


If you go to http://dnsreport.com/ then you can enter the address, and it will tell you of any DNS errors


As Don says, make sure you have the domain pointing at the correct nameservers.


Also remember that it typically takes up to 72 hours after changing the nameservers for it to propagate round the world.

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