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  1. Want to send a big Thank You to the support staff! Even before the client got back to me (still waiting) with the dashboard details, they were able to identify several issues with the WP install and config. Thanks for going the extra mile! Bill
  2. We've had a couple of reports of slow page load times for sites using WordPress (local installs on our server). One client is seeing over 6 seconds for FBL (first-byte-load). We've added more memory to the server, and loads a fairly load. Client has supposedly eliminated plug-ins as the issue. Any other ideas? Is it an issue with database performance? Or? Thanks
  3. Thomas, Will do thanks. Looks like Help Desk is down though, I'm getting an error 500 at https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/supportdesk/
  4. According to a Symantec security scan of one of my domains: Recommendations Your server may be vulnerable: SSLv3 is enabled Your server uses SSLv3, which is vulnerable protocol. Disable SSLv3 and use TLS 1.0 or higher. Root installed on the server. For best practices, remove the self-signed root from the server. Question is, should I be concerned, and if so, what are the next steps? Thanks, Bill
  5. The above information about PCI Compliance for lower-level merchants used to be true. Now, however, smaller and smaller (transaction level or dollar level) merchants are being forced to comply. Wells Fargo (with AuthorizeNet) are now requiring a compliance audit for all on-line merchants. We are currently trying to complete this audit and the issue is raised as to whether the web-server (we are virtual hosted on our own reseller account) is hosted in a secure environment. So the question is, what is TotalChoice's data-center PCI compliance level? Is access logged (both physical to facility and root logins)? Cameras? Video retained? Et cetera... Thanks, Bill
  6. I'm trying to set up PHPMailer (though I'm open to other scripts) to send mail via GMail servers using SMTP. I'm able to connect to the remote server but then am cut off with errno 32, "Broken Pipe". Are ports 465 or 587 being restricted on TCH servers? Or is the problem at the other end? In PHPMailer, I'm using the following settings (the commented out settings have also been tried): $mail->Host = "smtp.gmail.com"; //$mail->Port = 587; $mail->Port = 465; //$Mail->SMTPSecurity = "TLS"; $Mail->SMTPSecurity = "SSL"; Thanks, Bill
  7. They claim just a few minutes. I figured that would be the case with the PHP timeout, no problem. Thanks, Bill
  8. I have a client who is complaining of being logged out of Horde after brief periods of time. I wonder if she has the same issue? I anyone aware of any other brief timeout issues with Horde? Can the PHP.INI script timeout setting be increased?
  9. I've seen a similiar single day, single address surge, though awstat is showing a different IP, and I've not examined the logs: 66-194-55-242.gen.twtelecom.net pages 5004 hits 5004 bandwidth 68.82 MB all on 8/15.
  10. We currently use 2checkout.com, and are under their old interface. One of our clients has just signed up and is subject to their new interface. In the version 1 login we can change the headers and footers for their shopping cart. Under version 2, I can not find those options. Anyone using version 2 know how to accomplish this?
  11. I'm also on 19, and have the site monitored by Alertra (alertra.com). Alertra monitors via multiple routes. Other than a very brief SMTP outage this morning, I have not had any problem reports this week. Bill
  12. That should work, great! Thumbs Up
  13. One of our developers is interested in using procmail for one of our accounts that receives a LARGE amount of junk mail. We're already running Spam Assasin, but need more customization. Is procmail on the system and available?
  14. Not sure if you've received a reply to this, so I thought I would through in my two cents. 2co was very easy to set-up, has a professional interface (cart and admin) and provides professional looking receipt e-mails and reports. Problem: They recently went through a nasty denial of servide attack, and still only average around 97% uptime. MyPaysystems was also easy to integrate with -- however, while their admin console is okay, their cart interface is UGLY! Their receipt and report e-mails are also quite plain. I've never had problems with their site being unavailable.
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