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Hiya Guys,


Been talking about the great support that i have received from tch, and i have a cco-worker who is wanting to migrating his web site to tch. Here is the question i have. He is a Dutch guy and he has a .NL FQDN. Is it a problem to host it with you? I did not think it would be, but wanted to ask just to make sure :lol:


Thanks!!!! Rock Sign



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As a dutchman myself I have to answer this a bit :lol:

I think the hosting won't be the problem. The question is, is he able to change the nameservers on his domain? He has to change them to point them to the TCH nameservers.

If he is able to do that, i don't think there would be a problem.


I must say I've chosen a .com name to avoid this situation.

As far as connection time. I haven't experienced any problems with connection.. I darn fast!


I am sure other, more experienced members will have a say on this..

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thanks for the info guys!


I know the Dutch are really stricht on the .nl domains... So we will call the company that registered it.


Where in Holland Richard? I live near Heerlen. Work here with the US Army.



Thanks for the help guys!



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LOL ;)


There are some neat acronyms, like GNU, which means "GNU is Not Unix" :P

That's called a recursive acronym.


Also, I've seen some dictionaries define "recursive" as "see: recursive" :P

Just kidding :(

That's a definition used by some people when they're trying to explain what recursion is :)

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I'm about to register a .nl domain name as well and want to point it to my TCH account. What things should I pay attention to when registering this domain name (like being able to point the nameservers to TCH, etc.).


Furthermore, any recommendations about trustworthy Dutch registrars are welcome (I think the regular TCH partner isn't able to register .nl domains).


Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for all the quick responses to my question. :P


I guess the biggest "concern" is to verify that you are indeed allowed to update/change the nameservers at your Dutch registrar for the .nl domain name.


I also have another question posed on the TCH forum (here) regarding combining the new .nl domain with my existing .com web site. As I understand it's possible to park the .nl domain name on top of my .com domain such that all internet traffic is automatically redirected to my existing .com domain.

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Don't know about changing your DNS servers someone else would have to verify that.


When someone accesses your site with the parked domain name, in their browser it will show the parked domain name and not the exisiting domain name unless you make some .htaccess changes.


If you have links that go to your .com the browser will display the .com name instead of the .nl name. If your links are relative then they will continue to show the .nl domain name.

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