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  1. I'm a bit confused after reading this topic: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38290 Is there a difference between parking my .nl domain on my .com domain that's currently hosted by TCH, and parking my existing .com domain on my new .nl domain? My intention is to use the .nl domain name as the default, i.e. I want to be able to handle website traffic / subdomains / webmail accounts / mail forwarding / etc. like it is currently possible for my .com domain. As long as I've registered my .com domain I want it to point at the same web content as my .nl domain, but I have the intention to stop the registration of the .com domain when it expires. As I'm quite a newbie when it comes to domains, I currently think this is the way to proceed: 1) point the nameservers of my .nl domain to ns1.totalchoicehosting.com and ns2.totalchoicehosting.com 2) submit a ticket to park my .com domain on top of my .nl domain 3) configure my .nl domain related e-mail through the www.mydomain.nl/cpanel interface Am I correct?
  2. I've recently purchased a .NL domain in combination with the management via DNS tools. I would like to link this domain to my current TCH hosting plan and park the existing .COM domain on top of the .NL domain. How should I proceed?
  3. OK, thanks for the prompt reply. Regarding the transfer from my .COM to a .NL domain (and parking the .COM domain on the same content for as long as it's registered): can I do this myself e.g. via Cpanel? Or how do I initiate this process?
  4. In addition to an earlier question regarding parking a .nl domain on top of my existing .com domain (http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11936) here a new question. I have a virtual hosting plan (Silver) at TCH in combination with a .com domain name. At this time I'm thinking of changing the .com domain name to a .nl domain name. I understand that this should be possible if I can point the DNS nameservers of my .nl domain to the TCH nameservers. Does this also ensure that I'm able to check the e-mail from e.g. user@dutchdomain.nl through the TCH webmail interface? Am I able to define e-mail aliases/forwarders as I could do for my .com domain name? Or does this involve additional actions with respect to the .nl domain? Kind regards, Z3NiTH
  5. Hi Bruce, I wasn't aware of that policy/purpose for the general e-mail account. Creating an info_at_mydomain_dot_com address indeed seems a good solution, which I will arrange. Thanks, Z3NiTH
  6. Thanks for the quick response! The forwarders seem to be all in place. The info_at_my_domain_dot_com forwarder to my_cpanel_username_at_my_domain_dot_com address has been manually removed by me in order to prevent that "mail delivery error" bounce mails are sent. I will check later whether this forwarder still gives trouble. If so, I will open a ticket. Kind regards, Z3NiTH
  7. Hi, I am also experiencing sudden e-mail trouble at my Z3NiTH.com domain that may be related to the issue above. I always had an forwarder info@my_domain_dot_com to my general e-mail account mycpanel-username@my_domain_dot_com. Today somehow e-mails sent to info@my_domain_dot_com are bounced stating that delivery to my mycpanel-username@my_domain_dot_com fails (permanent error)! I (temporarily) circumvented this problem by simply removing the specific forwarder. However, I would like e-mails sent to info@my_domain_dot_com to be delivered to the general e-mail account as well. Perhaps this is also related to a server migration? At this moment I cannot see my server number in Cpanel. Also the internet search page returns no server information for z3nith.com Kind regards, Z3NiTH
  8. I verified in cPanel that none of the existing accounts are over their limit. Though, I didn't check the Sent-Items box (I didn't think of that ) Is there a "handy" way to check the total amount of MB in a certain mail-folder in Horde? Thanks, Z3NiTH
  9. Hi, People that try to send an e-mail to myaccount@onedomain.com get a warning that the message has been delayed 48 or 72 hours because of a full mailbox. I've checked with Cpanel, but myaccount@onedomain.com only uses 1MB of the 10MB that are allowed. Furthermore, the spam-inbox still has space left as well. Still they get these messages from time to time. What can cause this problem? Kind regards, Z3NiTH
  10. OK, great! Would this also mean that I get a second domain name integrated in my Cpanel?
  11. Thanks for all the quick responses to my question. I guess the biggest "concern" is to verify that you are indeed allowed to update/change the nameservers at your Dutch registrar for the .nl domain name. I also have another question posed on the TCH forum (here) regarding combining the new .nl domain with my existing .com web site. As I understand it's possible to park the .nl domain name on top of my .com domain such that all internet traffic is automatically redirected to my existing .com domain.
  12. Hi, I'm about to register a .nl domain name as well and want to point it to my TCH account. What things should I pay attention to when registering this domain name (like being able to point the nameservers to TCH, etc.). Furthermore, any recommendations about trustworthy Dutch registrars are welcome (I think the regular TCH partner isn't able to register .nl domains). Thanks in advance, Z3NiTH
  13. Hi, I have a question that is related to the issue/question above. At this moment I have a ingnorethis.com domain name that I use for my TCH account. Works like a charm by the way! I would like to know whether it is possible to point a ignorethis.nl (from The Netherlands) to the same site? And if it is possible to get the anaccount@ignorethis.nl e-mails in the same mail account as the anaccount@ignorethis.com address? Thanks in advance, Z3NiTH
  14. Seems that it is not an uncommon problem then! Does anyone have a workaround for this "problem", because it really restricts the freedom to "archive" my e-mails.
  15. Hi, In order to organise the e-mails in my Horde webmail account I would like to be able to create subfolders. I'm able to create a new folder on any level, but somehow it's not possible to create a subfolder in this new folder. I would like to be able to create a structure like this: top-level folder | - subfolder 1 | | - subsubfolder 1 | | - subsubfolder 2 | - subfolder 2 | - subfolder 3 Is this possible indeed? And if yes, how can I do this? Thanks in advance and kind regards, Z3NiTH
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