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  1. i had the same problem & being as i was getting the same error, i opened a help desk ticket.. got told that it was already installed on the server, they gave me the path to the directory, but it didnt work.. still got that error.. and i am still working on getting it installed.. Is there something else that needs to be done?? let me add that i am installing coppermine.. I guess i should have specified.. lol
  2. I am actually having this problem as well.. i submitted a help ticket over an hour ago & havent heard anything yet.. i am also on server 54. nevermind, its working now
  3. yes, a database like they have.. i asked over there & they said to download a board mod.. which is fine, but makes it more difficult, because i have never installed a board mod.. they confuse me.. lol
  4. is there a way to set up the forum to upload zip files.. the way i have it set up, i cant upload zip files.. i would just be distributing my graphics *my site is a graphics site* so i would want a preview of the websets before downloading etc..
  5. so youre saying just have it in forums, instead of the database.. which is kinda what i was thinking i would do if i couldnt figure this out.. Thanks much!
  6. i was just curious as to if anybody here has used/set up an invisionboard database (where you put stuff up & allow people to download it) i have seen it on a few sites & am thinking of trying to set one up, but i dont know how to or where to start. Any suggestions or of you know of any programs that i could set up that are similar to it *i want to be able to have a preview of what i am offering to download* Please help. thanks!!
  7. oh no.. im not "borrowing" i have gone to a few sites that offer them for download. Linkware. I myself am a graphic artist & know exactly what "borrowing" does. I would never do that intentionally. I just have to trust that where i download from, is reputable. Seemed like they were. But i digress Ive been trying to understand the templates, what makes up what & its driving me insane, i have been at it all day. Oh well, maybe sometime this life time i will figure it out. Thanks anyway.
  8. i just installed movable type today, got it up and running. But now, im playing with the templates, of course im just finding some off the web & installing them, but that is temporary until i can figure out how to change the other templates over to the main page template. Does anyone know how to help me?
  9. ok.. this is great!! I upgraded my own forum as well.. how in the world did you get the fast reply to work? I cant find it at all..
  10. 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 there.. 15 15's
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