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  1. I know this is the dumbest question ever but since i haven't really access my administration site I literally can't remember how to get to it... you know the area where it states the statistics and how much bandwidth had been used. If anyone could help me oh man you are saving me a lot of time because I'll probably be guessing all night.. THANKS GUYS!!
  2. hmm.. sorry about me updating that you weren't able to tell me the exact problem since it kept moving. I used the validation site you told me to use, and most of the errors were basically characters such a : <~ that couldn't be used. *sighs* I've checked through all the codes at least four time.. going crosse eye at this point hahah...
  3. Hey guys! *waves* I'm back.. it seem as if its been forever since I've been here.. Well, I've been working on a site, the layout is mostly done but for some reason, the background stops halfway. I want it to reach all the way at the end like this site [ http://humorous-conclusion.com/new.php ] I don't get what I'm doing wrong because it works for ^ that site and not the one I've listed below. ANyone know what I've done wrong? Here's the link to the site I'm working on --> [ http://www.humorous-conclusion.com/laguna/one.html ]
  4. teee hehe.. it was suppose to be ] when I was typing it at first but somehow finger pressed the shift button and it ended up like } .... i though it looked nice so I decided to leave it =X Thanks you guys!!! =]
  5. of course you do! especially since you guys help me set it up. It's not even half way done, but hope you guys like it. =] http://www.humorous-conclusion.com/gallery
  6. I PM'd you yesterday, not sure if you got the message or not. Just let me know. Thanks for the help Rick =] By the way, how would I contact you with Yahoo or AIM?
  7. Thank you!! =] I've finally gotten the gallery to become all nice and spiffy! ..
  8. Hi Thomas! *waves& thanks so much for the help! I do have one more question though. Am I allowed to change the banner on the top [ Coppermine Photo Gallery ] to something else? If I am, how am I to do this? And how would I center the picture? Thanks for the help you rock!
  9. I got this message when I typed in my address for the url.. just like you said. *sighs* i'm a failure!!
  10. database_password ******* do I type in the pw like that? or do I put the password over the database_password section? *hides in shame* where do I go from here...
  11. Now that I've got the gallery working thanks to the great people at TCH . I was wondering how do you change the layout and the color scheme of the gallery itself? Like these sites: http://brookandlucas.com/gallery/ and http://www.rebecca-herbst.com/gallery/ Both uses coppermine, but they layout is different from the ones offered. I was wondeirng how do they do this.
  12. I'm using WS_FTP Home for my ftp program
  13. Hi Friendly people of TCHFF! =] It's me, back once again for my level of stupidity. *sighs* Hope you're not tired of me already!! Once again, I'm clueless on what I'm doing at the moment. I'm trying to install moveable type [ the blog thing ] onto my site. I got as far as ... this part.. where i upload the files usnig my ftp program. I have absoluetly NO CLUE what this means... I was wondering if someone would be able to help me step by step. I mean I get most of it.. just there are some technical stuff that I'm completely clueless about. *sighs* I'm sorry for all this trouble. Hope someone can help me
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