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  1. In another posting jimuni tells us he thinks PHPbb is the best bulletin board system around while head guru suggests that Invision is. They could, of course, both be right, each having different ideas of what makes the best bb system. I need to pick one and have been having trouble finding a discussion here (or elsewhere) that characterizes the differences. Although any comments about the differences would be helpful, I'll mention that my site is being built as an extended-family connection site. So, in particular, it would be nice to be able to create photo albums relatively easily and as integrated package feature. A spell checker would be nice, too. As an admin, I'm sure there are things about running a discussion board that are important to me, that I just don't realize, yet. Comments on these sorts of things would be useful, too. Are there systems I should be considering other than thses? Thanks in advance for any comments or ideas.
  2. For the forseeable future, I expect to continue using a commercial e-mail service for our domain's e-mail. A big priority in getting started with a web site here is to avoid any disrutption to the e-mail users. The domain is currently hosted at an ISP that has set the MX record and a redirection entry to our mail service and to another web site, respectively. Before trying to get the DNS entries to point to TCH, I wanted to be sure that the MX entry hosted at TCH is correct. I'm assuming that if it is, e-mail service will be uninterrupted during the DNS transition. The instructions from the e-mail rovider on the MX record says to set it to: malloys.org MX 0 sitemail.everyone.net Checking around I find that the zero is the priority of the record. I can't see a way in the cPanel interface to set this. I assume that if I specify just the domain in the cPanel GUI that some proper priority is actually included in the MX record. Are my assumptions here on how things will work correct? Thanks in advance.
  3. PM sent with alternate e-mail address. Awaiting package. Thanks.
  4. I submitted an order (100-4214-6185 is PayPal item number) and paid within minutes. It is now 12.5 hours since I got the invoice and I haven't heard anything else. Based on a review of the Pre-Sales area, it seems this would be an unusual case. I also recently replied to the invoice asking for help, but have no idea if the billing folks will respond to such queries. In particular, I haven't heard back from them, yet (though it hasn't bee very long). Thought I would try this, too. Any idea where or why my order is stuck? Any idea how to get it unstuck? Thanks.
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