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  1. Add Me To Your Family Page

    Sweet Thanks Thomas
  2. Add Me To Your Family Page

    Hi there please include my website in to the family page... All the rules are followed 1. http://www.rchelidergisi.com 2. A Turkish RC Helicopter Magazine 3. A free RC Helicopter Magazine (looks like a hard copy with page flip software) and web page includes all kinds of useful info about RC helicopters/ 4. a non-profit website 5. Backlink to TCH is at the bottom of homepage 6. Started a new thread
  3. I Can't Complete Checkout

    I tried mycredit card option also.. It still says the same thing. unable to proceed, please click to go back & check if the info is correct" Everything is in order. I just don't get it
  4. I Can't Complete Checkout

    Thanks for the quick reply Dick. I choose pay via paypal, then I an directed to my paypal account and I make a merchant's agreement. It says everything is OK. But same thing happens all the time. By the way what is this friendly name for Paypal account thing? Cheers Cenk
  5. I Can't Complete Checkout

    Hi there, I have a domain & hosting plan here "sariucak.com" . I am trying to buy a new domain. I am trying to pay via Paypal. But I can't finish the transaction after the page that asks the friendly name for PayPal account. When I click checkout It says failed & go back to the previous page. What is wrong? By the way I am doing this from my account in securepay.net Thanks Cenk
  6. Spam Email

    So they go on fishihg of some kind.... that's weird
  7. Spam Email

    These are very helpful for me to understand those spammers.. yet raised another question, how can they find my website or another website that is not a common one (like mine for example mine is sariucak.com and is not a common name or some other thing...)
  8. Spam Email

    thank you for the info....
  9. Spam Email

    Thanks a lot guys for the quick response... I have another question.. how am I getting e-mails to an e-mail address that does not exist? Just curious? Thanx again...
  10. Spam Email

    Hi there I am a new member I have a website hosted by TCH and some e-mail accounts... I usually get emails to sales@sariucak.com and info@sariucak.com (sariucak.com is my web site). but these emails do not exist in my email accounts. Can anyone please tell me how can this be? Thanks in advance ....