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  1. When can we expect some type of post-mortem report? I have customers that I need to provide a response to this outage. Thanks.
  2. Alex, why is coruscant not showing up in the TCH real-time status list page???
  3. I'm trying to implement the s3 version of this script, but I keep getting an error message on line 22 (the $get_this...) -- Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /home/mosaicid/public_html/s3backup.php on line 22 any thoughts or ideas?
  4. I hope there will be a full report, as usual, to this downtime.
  5. Just curious ... when doing WP updates from the WP dashboard, do you manually disable your WP plugins, or does WP do that automatically when upgrading
  6. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I thought I was previously told by someone to only use Fantastico for updating WP. If I can update WP directly from the WP panel, that's great, as that's what I do for other websites host outside of TCH.
  7. If Wordpress was originally installed using Fantastico, is doing a WP upgrade through the WP Admin panel supported? I ask because I've usually done any upgrades to a new version of Wordpress thru Fantastico.
  8. When will WP 2.9 or WP 2.9.1 show up under Fantastico for us to update our web sites?
  9. I intend to keep using CSB for my currently hosted sites. But, the end of an era is always sad! I don't have any intentions of taking down my www.csbsupport.com website ...
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