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  1. Update. Well, I finally got all the themes and plugins I wanted for now loaded in, using "localhost". I believe there's some bugginess in the Wordpress 2.9 dashboard and uploading interface. One theme took 4 tries before it was loaded into WP. After the first two failures, I did a temp reset on my permissions for the wp-content, themes, and pluggins folder, setting them to 777. Theme uploads went a bit smoother after that. After every install, I never got any kind of notification of success and usually the IE "Connex Problem" screen. The plugins went much smoother, giving screens of
  2. By the way, the CHMODs for the directories are all 755. I shouldn't have to change them to 777, should I, if I'm giving the ftp login info?
  3. Okay, I need a little help here. I had an old version of WP installed through Fantastico. Yesterday, I upgraded it to 2.8.6 through Fantastico, then upgraded to 2.9 through the WP Admin. I installed some plugins and a couple new themes-I had lots of themes installed from old installation. During the upgrade and theme installs, I kept having connection problems after where I entered Hostname, Username, Password, etc. However, plugins and themes seemed to install okay. But I was having problems using the Widget layout function in the Admin. I should also mention that two days ago, I set
  4. Thanks for the reply, Bruce! I knew it was a long shot. Let's just hope that Tech gets it figured out soon.
  5. Hi, All. I have a problem going on that I'd thought I'd post here to see if anyone else has experienced this and has some thoughts/solutions. BTW, I have already put a ticket in on this (yesterday morning) to the Help Desk. Although they did finally reply at 5pm yesterday that they had "tweaked" the server and the problem should be fixed in a few hours, the problem is still ongoing this morning. Since Tech Support is moving rather slow on this and the problem is preventing us to communicate with two customers, I am anxious to get a fix on this any way I can. My hope is that it might be
  6. I've had my own website at TCH for about three years now. Recently, my boss needed to upgrade her website to a shopping cart, which would have been more money at her old host, so I've been working on the transfer to TCH. It's been a little complicated, with many steps and stages, since I started rebuilding from scratch. I just did the final steps for the transfer today. I have to say that the Tech Support staff has been absolutely terrrific throughout this process, when I've had to go to them for assistance. The speed of the responses has been amazing, along with quick solutions to whatev
  7. Bruce, Thanks! That's pretty straight forward, I think. I've done similar with the zencart a few times, so it's just a matter of adjusting the config paths to the database, etc. Yay! Something I can understand. I've been looking at all of the fantastico offerings for this, and reading about them and my brain is fuzzy and tired. I just wanted something a little easier to work with and it gets almost more complicated trying to decide which one. Yo answered excactly what I needed to know! Many thanks, kind person.
  8. Here's my challenge: I have to rework or rebuild a new website being moved to TCH. When the old files were uploaded, the internal referencing system (whatever it is-am not sure) quit working. The files are a conglomeration of php with nested javascript. I have no idea what was used to build this site initially, but suspect it was Dreamweaver because of _notes subdirectories with dwsyn.html files. Since it was built, another person worked with it and placed their own proprietary traffic tracking script in it. This is the thing - the info in the old pages is old and needs to be updat
  9. Well explained, Mike! Thank you very much! Shuda known I could trust TCH to make all the right choices. But it's never a good thing to get too complacent, or it can jump up and bite one on the bum.
  10. Right on, Bruce! Those were my first two concerns and I'm happy to report that TCH is ahead in versions of PHP and MySql compared to the other host, so that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for your thoughts!
  11. I honestly did several searches on this subject and could find no recent threads addressing this subject. This question came up way back in 2003 and again in 2005. In prep for moving my boss's website to TCH, where I've been for three years, I've been comparing her current Host to TCH. I noticed, in my cPanel for the server I'm on, that it is running Apache 1.3.39 and the "other guys" are running Apache 2. So, I did a little research, both the internet in general and on the TCH forums, and see that there was(is?) some thinking that Apache 2 was not considered stable - at least back in 2
  12. I'm very grateful for all the great info in this thread, as this is a project I'm about to undertake. The place where I work has had a site at doteasy for a couple of years now. The boss said "I'd like a shopping cart". Since I set my own up on TCH, I said "Okay, I'll do it". Finally got a look at what she's lined up with at doteasy and, for what she pays, she gets about half the space, bells, and whistles. So she said to go ahead and transfer it and set it up. So, I'm studying. I've already figured out that they do not have cPanel, so I'll have to transfer the files manually, using
  13. Recently, I have noticed, in my AW Stats, another authenticated user listed, in addition to my Cpanel login name. Isn't there supposed to be only one for a small website such as mine? It shows only one login a few weeks ago, but it makes me feel uneasy. Should I open a trouble ticket to investigate this? Also, it shows "Other Logins", which has a very high number by it. What is this supposed to represent? Logins for other software I have on my website? Thanks very much for directing me to the right place to get answers on this. Patti Stoll
  14. I just wanted to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU, to TCH and staff for these improvements. When I was rebuilding my store during February, I was experiencing frustrating and frequent time-outs, where I could not connect at all to my website. By running a route tracing program, I could see that a bottleneck was occuring at certain points, close to the TCH arrival. Since these improvements, the time outs have all but disappeared and the route tracing supports this. The improvements are definitely appreciated by this user! Patti Stoll http://www.pattistoll.com
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