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  1. We have a solution! Since this forwarding seems to work for Bruce, "click" and I will have our email forwarded to Bruce, who can then have it forwarded to our Domains...... I'm using Hotmail Live and have one of the early accounts too ('90 or '91 and it still lets me log in with a 4 character password), but my kids aren't quite old enough yet to have kids so I have to wait a few more years to be "Grandfathered in". Seriously though this is odd, oh well... I do have a piece of Pearl that I run every morning that gets the mail from hotmail and forwards it to my domain. I was just trying to avoid this double handling (downloads it to upload to that I can download it again later). Off to other little things I want to try and fix now. Thanks, -J
  2. Bruce, For a moment you had me smiling, thinking that maybe they had changed something at Hotamail. I just checked it out again and as soon as I hit "save" on the forwarding I get a nice little: <You're only able to forward mail to a custom domain or an e-mail address that ends in hotmail.com, msn.com, or live.com. Please try again.> Guess it's just me they don't like... Thanks, -j
  3. Thanks, unfortunatly hotmail settings/options was the first place I looked. For the version of hotmail that I seem to have it only allows forwarding to other hotmail accounts. **I say the version I have, because some of my friends do the forward with their's to an outside domain and it works just fine.** -J
  4. Greetings. I'm not 100% sure of where to put this, but seems like most of the email queries are here. Is it possible to setup a CronJob (or any other method) to have my hotmail email forwarded to my TCH domain email? Thanks, Jason
  5. Peter, No problems at all using FileZilla I transfered 100 small files and they all went with no problem (this was just a test, I usually would zip them). Any ideas why?? I had tried: CuteFTP Pro, Core FTP, SmartFTP, and WS_FTP and they all had problems. Thanks!! Jason
  6. Almost forgot, I get this error message too: COMMAND:> STOR China2006_010.zip STATUS:> Connecting FTP data socket 150 Accepted data connection ERROR:> Timeout (60000 ms) occurred on sending data to the server. 421 Timeout (no new data for 900 seconds) ERROR:> Service unavailable. Try again later. ERROR:> Control connection closed. Jason
  7. TCH Family, I am having a recurring problem when trying to upload files via FTP to both of my sites. This is a 75mb file, previously I could queen up a hundred of these and never worry about it; however, for the past month it takes days to upload even one of them. I continually get the following error message: “The control connection was closed due to the server being temporarily busy, full, or in the process of shutting down. Retry again later or contact the system administrator for assistance.” FTP log is: COMMAND:> STOR China2006_010.zip STATUS:> Connecting FTP data socket 150 Accepted data connection ERROR:> Can't write to data socket. Socket error = #10053. Sometimes after only 1%, sometimes after 80% and then every % there after, it seems to be competly random I know we’ve all heard this a thousand times, but I can honestly think of no setting that I’ve changed, or any software I’ve installed. One day it was working fine and then for the last 30 it hasn’t. My home router is the same as it always has been, and no new firewall or antivirus has been installed. What I’ve tried: Switching to a different FTP client, Using a different computer; Using a different computer on a different ISP; Using smaller files size. I’m open to any suggestions on this as it is almost impossible now to upload any changes to my web page. Thanks, Jason
  8. Okay, it seems to be working now, thanks for the kicks in the right direction. On the index pages (ie. egypt.htm) I changed the links to lower case (matching the directories) along with all of the paths in the script files (assume this is effected too). This didn’t appear to be working then either, the frames displayed correctly and the buttons to start, stop, etc. for the slideshow appeared, but no images. I also had to change the address in the index pages that I was linking to from relative to absolute and now it is working. FYI for future people, I believe the root of this problem was because I used ACDSee’s create a slide show function to generate the slideshows and it does not put it in lowercase, it makes first letter capital in EVERYTHING - htm files, script files, etc. -Jason
  9. Right – the 404 error when clicking on one of the 6 photos in the photo album is the problem I'm trying to describe, and fix. Once I completed the website on my local machine I tested it and it was working fine. I then zipped up all the files and folders, uploaded them to TCH and unzipped them (read that in an earlier post as the cat's meow for doing this). They unzipped correctly, and I can see all of the photos, directories, etc.. when I go through CPANEL file manager. However, as both of you have experienced the site gives the impression that none of the files are there. I would think since it works okay on local machine and I just uploaded all of the files and directories it would work on the internet too. Jason
  10. Hi. This is my first website and I’m learning as I’m going and right now I’m frustrated as to what I could be doing wrong. I created the site in DreamWeaver and runs great on my local machine, but when I uploaded it to the server none of the photos in the “photoalbum” page display, just get the red “X”’s. http://www.nimandjay.com Is there something I should be doing differently? Do I have to many directories (setup like that because it’s easy for me to update that way). Thanks, Jason
  11. Thanks for your help! This forum is the main reason why I switched from present host. This is a great place for a newbie to start out at, and by the looks of it, a good place for the seasoned too. -Jason
  12. Hello all. I’ve just joined TCH, new to the web site world, and in the process of migrating from my previous host to TCH. I’m able to connect via FTP and using cPanel, but there are 6 folders that start with _vti and I would like to know what are these for? Being a new I must admit it confuses me. I followed the destructions on other posts and placed all my web files and directories in the /public_html/ folder and when I go to the site (having problems transferring domain name – another post) to make sure I’ve done it right I get a really nice error page that no website has been configured. Am I posting to the wrong directory, or am I not able to access via the IP address? Thanks in advance for your help. Jason
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