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  1. thanks Thomas. movable type is working now!
  2. Hi Marie thanks for the hint. Now i get an error on Bad ObjectDriver "config: Connection error: Access denied 'my user'@'localhost'".
  3. Ok. I sent a ticket. In the meanwhile I upload the whole folder in automatic method and was following the tutorial of TCH on installing movable type. I found out that the old mt.cgi is mt-config.cgi, but i'm not sure about mt-db-pass.cgi and the others. if i go to **** /mt/ it shows me the index page but then i get a 500...
  4. Hi Bruce! I uploaded all the files in Binary mode. I tried to change the permission to the tar.gz to 755 and I have just a pop window explaining me what kind of type is it.
  5. Hello! It's my first post here and this seems a quite active community, hope someone will answer soon I am a newbie of movable type, even if I've been using it at work I would like to figure out how to properly install the 3.2 on my TCH domain. I followe the pinned post tutorial but there were some differences. After downloading the tar.gz I couldn't extract the files using the filemanager from cpanel so I uploaded the entire folder on the site. After modifying the mt.cfg according the TCH tutorial and having created a mySQL database i get a 500 error when i try to access to "mysite.com" /mt should I start from scratch or modify what I have? let me know! dc
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