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  1. Update. Well, I finally got all the themes and plugins I wanted for now loaded in, using "localhost". I believe there's some bugginess in the Wordpress 2.9 dashboard and uploading interface. One theme took 4 tries before it was loaded into WP. After the first two failures, I did a temp reset on my permissions for the wp-content, themes, and pluggins folder, setting them to 777. Theme uploads went a bit smoother after that. After every install, I never got any kind of notification of success and usually the IE "Connex Problem" screen. The plugins went much smoother, giving screens of success results when they were through. When I was done, I went in and locked the permissions back down. I do realize that upgrading through the WP dashboard won't be noted by Fantastico. I had only planned to use Fantastico for that original install and not use it for future upgrades. It just saved me a bit of time for the initial install. Future upgrades for WP will be done through its own Admin, or manually, or if needed, backing up my custom config'd files and database, doing a fresh install, and importing the old in, which shud not be too hard, if I keep track of any changes I make. It is a curious thing about how clunky the WP connection interface was with the TCH servers. Yes, I could have done it all manually via FTP, but I wanted to use somsething that was meant to be used. I do know, at one point, I couldn't connect to TCH anything for about 20 minutes around 4:30 to 5:00 pm PST last night. Couldn't get either of my websites up, couldn't get the TCH home page up, couldn't get the forums up. Connection to all other parts of the Internet were okay for me. I run into this for 2-5 minutes on occassion, but this was the first time for a period so long. Was it some kind of outage? Thanks so much for the responses. Here's hoping that if anyone else is experiencing this with Wordpress 2.9, they'll find this and it will help them.
  2. By the way, the CHMODs for the directories are all 755. I shouldn't have to change them to 777, should I, if I'm giving the ftp login info?
  3. Okay, I need a little help here. I had an old version of WP installed through Fantastico. Yesterday, I upgraded it to 2.8.6 through Fantastico, then upgraded to 2.9 through the WP Admin. I installed some plugins and a couple new themes-I had lots of themes installed from old installation. During the upgrade and theme installs, I kept having connection problems after where I entered Hostname, Username, Password, etc. However, plugins and themes seemed to install okay. But I was having problems using the Widget layout function in the Admin. I should also mention that two days ago, I set up a subdomain that this will run from. Because I had installed the original files before the subdomain was setup, today I decided to wipe it all out and start from scratch, since I didn't have any posts in it. So, used Fantastico to completely remove the old install, which also removed the directory associated with the subdomain. Used CPanel File Manager to recreate the directory name for the subdomain, under public_html. Reinstalled WP 2.8.6, using Fantastico, specifying it to run in the root of the subdomain. Went to the admin via the subdomain url, and told it to auto-upgrade to 2.9. Still ended up with a "Diagnose Connection Problems" screen. Refreshed back to admin and clicked upgrade again and it said it was up to date, which meant the 2.9 upgrade worked. Then I try to install a couple of extra themes, and the "Diagnose Connection Problem" screen keeps coming up, plus it is not copying or installing any files for that theme to the WP-content folder. I have used a variety of different formats for Hostname, including servername.tchmachines.com and subdomain.domainname.com and ftp://subdomain.domainame.com. All resulting in the same problem. The successful installs I had yesterday, plus the successful upgrade today were done using servername.tchmachines.com. I use my Cpanel username and password for the other two entries. Is there something different I should be doing in filling out the WP connection form? Could this be a timeout problem that I can adjust somewhere in WordPress? Any other suggestions? Should I scrap the current install under Fantastico and manually install a clean version of 2.9 under the subdomain folder? Thanks for any ideas you may have!
  4. Thanks for the reply, Bruce! I knew it was a long shot. Let's just hope that Tech gets it figured out soon.
  5. Hi, All. I have a problem going on that I'd thought I'd post here to see if anyone else has experienced this and has some thoughts/solutions. BTW, I have already put a ticket in on this (yesterday morning) to the Help Desk. Although they did finally reply at 5pm yesterday that they had "tweaked" the server and the problem should be fixed in a few hours, the problem is still ongoing this morning. Since Tech Support is moving rather slow on this and the problem is preventing us to communicate with two customers, I am anxious to get a fix on this any way I can. My hope is that it might be something in our email settings (rather than the server) that I can fix myself and that someone here might know about it from their own experience. The Problem: We cannot send mail to one particular domain - @mac.com. The emails are getting bounced back to us with this error message: A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: xxxxxxx@mac.com retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period The emails are immediately bounced back and there is no delay as the above message seems to indicate. I have read some things about IMAP settings for Mac based email and am wondering if there is something I should be setting there. Or anything else I should be looking at? Thanks very much for any thought sharing on this! Patti Stoll
  6. I've had my own website at TCH for about three years now. Recently, my boss needed to upgrade her website to a shopping cart, which would have been more money at her old host, so I've been working on the transfer to TCH. It's been a little complicated, with many steps and stages, since I started rebuilding from scratch. I just did the final steps for the transfer today. I have to say that the Tech Support staff has been absolutely terrrific throughout this process, when I've had to go to them for assistance. The speed of the responses has been amazing, along with quick solutions to whatever was given to them. Over the past three years, this has not always been so. There were a lot of problems up until about 10 months ago. I don't know what happened, but keep it up. I seriously don't think they can improve any more - they are THERE! Thanks so much! Patti Stoll www.pattistoll.com
  7. Bruce, Thanks! That's pretty straight forward, I think. I've done similar with the zencart a few times, so it's just a matter of adjusting the config paths to the database, etc. Yay! Something I can understand. I've been looking at all of the fantastico offerings for this, and reading about them and my brain is fuzzy and tired. I just wanted something a little easier to work with and it gets almost more complicated trying to decide which one. Yo answered excactly what I needed to know! Many thanks, kind person.
  8. Here's my challenge: I have to rework or rebuild a new website being moved to TCH. When the old files were uploaded, the internal referencing system (whatever it is-am not sure) quit working. The files are a conglomeration of php with nested javascript. I have no idea what was used to build this site initially, but suspect it was Dreamweaver because of _notes subdirectories with dwsyn.html files. Since it was built, another person worked with it and placed their own proprietary traffic tracking script in it. This is the thing - the info in the old pages is old and needs to be updated and revised to a large degree anyway, plus it could stand a newer look. It would be NICE to be able to rework the current pages by importing it into a CMS software. I don't have, nor want, dreamweaver. If anyone has any suggestions on the CMS software to look at that may do this, please speak up. I am, however, resolved to probably having to build a new structure from scratch, using a lot of cut and paste for the content. I am seriously considering Joomla, though I've never used this or any other CMS software. Up to now, I have just created quick hacks of html using Frontpage, then cleaning it up and pasting it where I need it, and have been maintaining and tweeking my Zencart for 3 years now. Which is why I want to be brave and go to something a little more sophisticated than a basic HTML system. Questions: If you've used it as an almost-newbie to CMS, do you like it? When I install it on our website, should I try to install it in the root directory, or would it be okay to create its own subdirectory (Joomla) for it to reside? If I put it in the subdirectory, can I still place the created web pages under the root, or is it like zencart and it all starts at the subdirectory? I would like the main home page of the website to open immediately on arrival at the domain name, not have to put in a front door html page to be clicked or that redirects. Thanks very much for all help!
  9. Well explained, Mike! Thank you very much! Shuda known I could trust TCH to make all the right choices. But it's never a good thing to get too complacent, or it can jump up and bite one on the bum.
  10. Right on, Bruce! Those were my first two concerns and I'm happy to report that TCH is ahead in versions of PHP and MySql compared to the other host, so that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for your thoughts!
  11. I honestly did several searches on this subject and could find no recent threads addressing this subject. This question came up way back in 2003 and again in 2005. In prep for moving my boss's website to TCH, where I've been for three years, I've been comparing her current Host to TCH. I noticed, in my cPanel for the server I'm on, that it is running Apache 1.3.39 and the "other guys" are running Apache 2. So, I did a little research, both the internet in general and on the TCH forums, and see that there was(is?) some thinking that Apache 2 was not considered stable - at least back in 2005 when this was last discussed in the forums (or at least the last mention I could find). Other discussions (other places on the internet) seem to indicate that with the release of Apache 2.2.6, it can finally be considered stabelized. Now, I am certainly no expert (or even at beginner stage) at servers and/or a web host business, but have been been configuring personal computers for 20 years now. In my experience, it's not always wise to jump on the wagon and upgrade to the latest and greatest as soon as it's released, but to wait a bit for bugs to iron out. HOWEVER, there does come a time when one needs to recognize that the software they are running is so far out of date that it just can't take advantage of a lot of mainstream, current functions from the internet or other programs. So, I can understand why TCH was saying no to the upgrade in 2003, and still hesitating in 2005, but it is almost 2008, and that makes version 1.3.X five years old. In the personal computer world, that is absolutely archaic. Does that hold true for the server software world as well or is it a different story? I need to know that the website I am bringing over from the other host will work the same on TCH as the old location, at least to the general public and that the php pages built on the Apache 2.x server will not encounter problems in the Apache 1.3.39 environment. Does anyone have any experience with this and what is the official stand of TCH on this issue, at this time?
  12. I'm very grateful for all the great info in this thread, as this is a project I'm about to undertake. The place where I work has had a site at doteasy for a couple of years now. The boss said "I'd like a shopping cart". Since I set my own up on TCH, I said "Okay, I'll do it". Finally got a look at what she's lined up with at doteasy and, for what she pays, she gets about half the space, bells, and whistles. So she said to go ahead and transfer it and set it up. So, I'm studying. I've already figured out that they do not have cPanel, so I'll have to transfer the files manually, using FTP. My biggest concern is, because the website is mostly php and I have no idea if it was built using doteasy's onboard web builder or done with a software or manually coded (the guy is gone now), I'm thinking I will have to go through the files and change some things around, such as references to the My_SQL server. I'm feeling a little intimidated by it, since my only experience with php is setting up and customizing my zencart. If anyone has any thoughts on this, on what I need to look out for, or has experience with doteasy website building, I'd appreciate hearing it. Also, since doteasy charges to lock a domain, does that mean I can assume it's unlocked? Thanks very much!
  13. Recently, I have noticed, in my AW Stats, another authenticated user listed, in addition to my Cpanel login name. Isn't there supposed to be only one for a small website such as mine? It shows only one login a few weeks ago, but it makes me feel uneasy. Should I open a trouble ticket to investigate this? Also, it shows "Other Logins", which has a very high number by it. What is this supposed to represent? Logins for other software I have on my website? Thanks very much for directing me to the right place to get answers on this. Patti Stoll
  14. I just wanted to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU, to TCH and staff for these improvements. When I was rebuilding my store during February, I was experiencing frustrating and frequent time-outs, where I could not connect at all to my website. By running a route tracing program, I could see that a bottleneck was occuring at certain points, close to the TCH arrival. Since these improvements, the time outs have all but disappeared and the route tracing supports this. The improvements are definitely appreciated by this user! Patti Stoll http://www.pattistoll.com
  15. Thomas, thanks for your quick answer. Sorry about not giving enough information. I'm normally too wordy and was trying to keep it brief. Below are the official title and description of the website: Title Patti Stoll, Mixed Media and Polymer Clay Artist Description Artist, Patti Stoll, makes gorgeous collectible art eggs, unique vases and stem glassware (many featuring Nature Spirits), unusual and fun jewelry and focal beads, wall art and other home decor. Patti is a mixed media artist who combines polymer clay with collage and painting. Thanks again, Thomas! Patti Stoll
  16. I am herewith requesting that my newest domain and store be added to the Family page. http://www.pattistoll.com I am a polymer clay artist and this is my gallery, which is commercial. I have placed the TCH link front and center, so that it will display pretty much on all pages of my website. It would be good if you could remove my old domain link, even though it is still active, I am phasing it out. Plus, it no longer has a linkback to TCH. remove: http://www.embellishments-by-patti.com Thanks so much! Patti Stoll
  17. Well, I certainly am not going to give them that help. It they would train the bad little thing right, they wouldn't need my number. It's their problem. Thanks for the input.
  18. Sitesure: The IP you listed is different than any they list. But guess that doesn't mean much. Just be sure and turn on you Raw Access logs in C-Panel. I didn't even know I had to do that until about a month ago (or maybe I accidentally turned it off when I was new). I'm glad I had the logging on, because it showed right up in it. G'luck!
  19. Thanks very much for the info, David! I'm not quite up to speed on messing around with .htaccess files yet. I'll have to devote a couple hours to studying that before I touch it. Probably sooner than later. Here is the email response I received from someone named Anton Stanley(at their website), in response to the email I sent them: - Patti, Thank you for writing in, and providing us with the specific details. I filed a ticket with our engineers, and they are working on fixing this bug. In the meanwhile, if you let me know your domain, I can add it to our do-not-crawl list. We appoplogize for any trouble caused. - Anton Think I should trust this? I haven't answer anything back yet. Again, thanks for the code sample for when I'm ready to roll up my sleeve.
  20. Just wanted to ask if anyone else here has seen this and report in on my experience with it. On Thur, Aug 18, my bandwidth took a huge jump - 7 times normal. In Awstats, I saw two big draws from two IP addresses. Fortunately, I had been logging the raw access logs. In the log, I found this bot running all over my website and it's called OmniExplorer_bot. I found their website and it's a bare basic page that says this about who they are: "Omni-Explorer is a venture-backed startup based in Silicon Valley. Stay tuned to this site; we plan on launching shortly." Now, below that, they admitted that they knew they were having problems with their greedy little bots and listed their IP range for blocking. The little monster is now disallowed in my robots.txt and all of their IP's are blocked. Further internet research about OmniExplorer yielded this: "...Naval Ravikant as one of the execs. Ravikant, among other things, founded Epinions, which became Shopping.com, which was just bought by eBay." In Awstats, it isn't identified in the Robots/Spiders section. Anybody else know anything about this or have experienced it? If not, I've now got it in the messages in case any one else is wondering about it. Cheers and Death to Greedy Little Bots Who Don't Behave Nicely, Patti
  21. I use Zencart and I use the USPS shipping module, which pulls the shipping info right from the USPS site, even for international. I played around with tare a little and, because of my huge difference in types of items I sell, I don't use it. I sell little stuff (like loose beads) up to much heavier items, like vases and the percentage of increased packaging materials varied too much from item to item. I just build the packaging weight into the product item weight. It has been working very well. At first, I had a couple of customers pay way too much postage, while I was tweaking my weights, and I just refunded the excess back to them, which always make happy customer. I'm not sure about this, but I don't think OSC modules are exactly like Zen. I tried to start with OSC, but found Zen more intuitive for myself, personally. It would be good if you could specify exactly which cart you are setting up. Good luck to you!
  22. Thanks SO MUCH, Bruce! That one's been bothering me for awhile (it's happened before). Just tried it and it works like a charm. Will have to make a note of this so I don't forget. Have a great week! Pattti
  23. Thanks, Bruce. Is there a better way to narrow searches? I did a search on just "error codes" and got back 30 PAGES of results. The links you provided were very helpful. So, it seems the redirects may be caused by CPanel use. That doesn't account for mine being so high, but I use Zencart and its processes might do some redirects. I noticed most people weren't worried about it. The reason I am a little worried about it is that I have a link TO my store (out there somewhere, can't remember offhand) and they do not allow a link to a page that redirects. So, I avoid them if possible. Thanks so much again! Patti
  24. First, I tried to help myself on this and did a search through the forums using "error AND codes AND 302 AND awstats". It resulted in three messages to read, but when I click on any of them, we go nowhere....it just hangs. I've been retrying for several minutes. All three messages are from early 2004. So, here's my question: What does it mean, in AWStats, to have a lot of hits that get the error 302 (Redirects- Temporary) and also several error 301 (Redirects - Permanent)? I have no redirects set up at this time on my website. My Error Log shows no errors. It's showing 135 302's and 14 301's for this month. No hurry in answering this, as I've been wondering about it for sometime now. But will really appreciate anyone shedding light on this for me! Thanks! Patti Stoll Server 93 http://www.embellishments-by-patti.com/
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