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  1. Awww...but..but....I wanna be a winner too!
  2. Oh hmm...is the taring based on the entire order (total weight of items) or individual items?
  3. I'm not sure if anyone's asked about this before...but I didn't really find anything on this particular topic on taring. Anyway, so I was wondering for those of you using zen and osc, which shipping module do you use? Just lookin at it it seems like zone rate would be the best way for shipping to mulitiple regions and countries. Do you guys use the tare weight function to calculate packaging weight? It seems a lil difficult to tare each item with packaging if people buy multiple items, cuz then you're counting almost double the packaging weight, no? And also is it easier to list the net weight and then tare it or just include the packaging weight in the net weight and not use the tare function at all? How hard is it to integrate USPS into the shipping module? I looked at it briefly and it looked quite complicated. Would an avg person be able to do it? I do'nt know any programming or scripts or anything...I am barely starting out on my first website...so basically is it easier to try to integrate USPS or just calculate everything manually? Thanks!
  4. i was trying to do that first but coudln't find it that's why i got so confused...but i went back again and found where to change the pw....it works now....sorry for all the stupid confusing questions! thanks a lot don!
  5. ok n/m scratch all that....i reinstalled zencart and it works now.... but when i go to my admin page i get this warning: Warning Warning: Your Admin login is not secure ... either you still have default login settings for: Admin admin or have not removed or changed: demo demoonly The login(s) should be changed as soon as possible for the Security of your Shop For additional Security for the Admin please see the /docs i read the /docs on security for admin and am kinda confused on what im' supposed to do...can someone please explain? am i supposed to change the folder name of "admin" to somehting else or am i supposed to do something to the configure.php files? thanks
  6. the login.php file? it's there...under the admin folder.... =\
  7. this is the error: Not Found The requested URL /admin/login.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. somebody please help!!!
  8. oh maybe i should add that mysite/catalog/v1.2.5/ is where i installed zencart
  9. hmm...how do i access the admin page for zencart? i typed in "mysite.com/catalog/v1.2.5/admin/" which is what i thought it was after i installed it...but it says url not found. also, after i opened a help desk tic w/tech support they helped me w/the installation but zencart kept giving me a warning saying that my site was insecure cuz i had the default admin settings...after tech support help me fix a few things it said url not found. they then fixed it again and it worked (warning still there)...but all the links on the admin page (to set up products/categories/shipping, etc) didn't work....they said they coudlnt' help me anymore and referred me back to the forum...but now i can't get to the admin page anymore....did i type the wrong url?
  10. Thanks Ali. So...when i add products to oscommerce, that becomes part of my website? So it's not like I create separate product pages and THEN link the "buy now" button to oscommerce for shopping cart. the product pages that i create on oscommerce ARE the pages the customers should see when they are browsing thru my website?? Is that the customization that everyone talks about? so basically you create your webpages under oscommerce but make it look like just another page of your website as opposed to the oscommerce look?
  11. ook, thanks. another question, also when setting up the install for zen-cart - it told me to turn off register globals.... but after i did that, i couldn't go to my oscommerce anymore. it complained: "FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!" so can you have oscommerce and zen-cart installed/running simultaneously?
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