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  1. He meant AFAIK, which stands for "As far as I know". <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  2. Thanks, Bruce. Peace of mind in that. My site doesn't involve uploads/downloads except for my own file maintenance, so I'm probably good. Have a great day!
  3. Well, good. I'm not too worried, but I just wanted to be doing everything I can and should do. Now, I can just put it to rest and make sure I download my mail to check it, and keep it deleted immediately after download. BTW, what does AFIK mean? Thanks so much for the help, Serpentine! Patti
  4. Thanks for such a quick answer, Bruce. I do know that my ISP (Comcast) runs virus protections for me on my mail (even tho some do get through). I also have all sorts of protections on my own computer, from malware to virus, and all of my email is screened by Norton's when I download it. My big question here is, since the servers on TCH do no filtering, how do I (and should I) go about running a virus scan on my shared server area? I stay pretty much on top of everything I download (or upload for that matter). But, the email that I was talking about that had the virus attachment on it, came through my webmail on TCH. If it hadn't been deleted, it would still be sitting there with a virus attached. If I had been reading it using, say, Squirrel, it might have opened the virus, or would it have been stopped somehow, by TCH. I'm not worried about what is happening through my ISP and on my personal computer...I'm worried about what I should be doing on my TCH website, such as scanning it regularly with software. And if so, what software would be good to do that with? Thanks again, Bruce....
  5. I'm pretty new at managing my own web-hosted site and domain. I've had my own website for years under whatever ISP I've used (currently Comcast). On those, I never had to worry about virus and malware protections for my files or email. Recently, one of my email address on TotalChoice had a virus attachment come through on it. My local computer, using MS Outlook and Norton's caught it. I immediately went into my mail manager and turned off the space allocation for that email address (the email with the virus had been deleted when Outlook picked up the mail). What does one need to do on their shared server for protection? Would I buy a copy of, say, Norton's to upload to my shared webspace? I would imagine there is a better program for this situation. How about protection of the email online? I know there are free virus checkers online. If I were to use one of those, how do I go about telling them to check the space on my shared server, and not the computer terminal I'm working from? Thanks for any help in de-mystifying this for me! Patti Stoll
  6. 'Tis done, Don! Thanks for the catch. I'm tired. I didn't know anything about anything (webhosting, shopping cart) 10 days ago. Now I know too much.
  7. Hi, all. Your link is in place on my index page. http://www.embellishments-by-patti.com Embellishments by Patti Online store offering the work of polymer clay artist, Patti Stoll. Flagship products are different and unusual items to be used as embellishments on altered books, scrapbooks, greeting cards, and whatever else a creative mind can think to use them on. The unique alphabet letter sets are great. Lots of interesting jewelry items and loose beads are also available, along with handsculpted items like wine goblets, incense bottles and vases. Thank you! Patti
  8. Golly Gee....y'all sure are a friendly bunch! I like friendly! Thank you for such a warm welcome. Got my store going, by the way. Am I tired. Cheers til next time, Patti
  9. Thanks very much, Don! Just what I needed to know. Patti
  10. I'm pretty new and am still feeling my way around managing my own domain site. The purpose of my site is for an online store, and the one of the first things I did was install osCommerce through the Control Panel scripts. After working (struggling) with it for a few days (and learning a lot), I decided to also try Zencart. Zen Cart works much better for me and is what I'll be using. By the time I decided to try Zen Cart, I had tried to adjust several things in osCommerce and kind of "broke" it (of course). My question is this: can I just delete the files using Cpanel's file manager or FTP manager? This would be after I delete the database associated with it from MyPHPAdmin (I started a new db from scratch for Zen Cart). I ask this because the orginal script installation was done on the server, so I'm not sure if I'd be installing something important. Second question: If I do delete the osCommerce directory, and somewhere down the road what to use it again, will I be able to start it up anew by using the CPanel Script install again? Thanks for any help!
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