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  1. http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEMWSAA5QCE_index_0.html A really cool animation as well as art and writing!
  2. (sorry for the slow reply) Thanks david for that code! It worked excellently!
  3. Thank you for offering but I found out I didn't need to do it that way anyways! But I do have another question... say I have a table with one column and 40 rows with the letter "t" in them. But, I want to set each row to either "t1", "t2", "t3", or "t4" - is there any way to do this with a mysql query? It would be nice if there were a mysql function to generate random integers, but I only see one for decimals. :\ Otherwise I could just use something like UDATE table SET column = concat('t',rand(1,4)).
  4. Okay I have been stumped on this one for a while. Some of my columns for this one table have content, and some do not. Is there a simple query you can use to tell this? Something where I can enter the constraints I need, and based off the normal result returned for that, show which columns are not set as null? Basically I want something to "select" everything like this: >SELECT cell_tile FROM cells WHERE cell_x_id >= 0 AND cell_y_id >= 0 AND cell_x_id <= 24 AND cell_y_id <= 24 And with that query I want to be able to get which columns from the rows returned had information in them, hopefully the column names being different rows? Thanks!
  5. >Line ->19 .'Story Text: '.$story_text."\n"; Tried removing "Line -> 19" from there? I am not quite sure about what it does. But it's on line 19 and that's where is says the error is coming from. Add valign="top" to the table tag you use for the content. Otherwise the default is to center the content in the middle of the table, and since your height is set to 100% it that means there will be white stuff at the top and bottom. It bugged me a long time before I figured it out!
  6. I don't know much about it, but there is a wysiwyg editor in cpanel that is through the browser. It can only edit .html/htm files though. To use it go to the file manager, browse to the file you want to edit, then click the name. On the side to the right will be a list of options. One is "Edit HTML". Click that and it'll load the editor for you. I am not sure what it's capable but it loaded my html page almost perfectly in the wysiwyg editor! edit: This seems to be the site of that editor. Good thing TCH has it preinstalled for us! http://www.wysiwygpro.com/
  7. I installed it and it's nice. I like the fact that it can highlight multiple things on the same page. And the fact that I can add a button to search my gmail inbox to it! Since I couldn't get spellbound to work on this version of firefox (I am hearing other people have been having trouble too - I wish it would work), the spellcheck is nice, it's a lot like working in microsoft word. You push the button, it'll turn the text area into "correct me" mode I guess, and you can click mispelled words to see their correct meanings. Oh, and also the fact it combines multiple extensions into one, that's always nice!
  8. Cool, grats on getting it working!
  9. This is my favorite book: PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Websites: Visual Quickpro Guide by Larry Ullman. It has a website with all the downloadable scripts for chapters, a list of errors made in the book that have been corrected, and forums which the author regularly answers to the reader's problems! It's for php 4 though. If you want php 5, there is a second version of it, but I just got the 4 version since I can't use 5 on my server. They are only good if you want to start learning php, not expanding what you know though (but it is still good to read to hammer in several points). Link to the website: http://www.dmcinsights.com/phpmysql/ That book on slashdot looks very good! I definately know what it means when it says "The point is clear: with proper design, you can get away from the Giant If-Else Blocks of Doom and pave the way towards actually keeping up with your client's requests". hehe. I hate and love those giant blocks at the same time.
  10. What kind of errors are you getting? I don't think you can set the database by putting it into mysql_connect as a fourth parameter, so use the mysql_select_db function instead. And also you can't put the queries directly into the PHP as well, you have to use the mysql_query function. Also with the mysql, I'm presuming you're have cust_id set to auto increment since you give it an empty string as a value? If so, just exclude it from the query all together and myself will set it for you as you insert it. Here is what it should look like (I think): ><?php $connection = mysql_connect("localhost","username","password") or die("message"); mysql_select_db ("database") or die ("message"); $query = "INSERT INTO game (score, email, name) VALUES ('test','if','works')"; mysql_query($query); ?>
  11. No >.< At least that I know of
  12. Thunderbird Haven't really used much else I think.
  13. Ah, I didn't realize that! *updates bookmark* I think I just typed it in there and checked if it was right. I wish that fixed it though. >.<
  14. By the way as long as I keep the browser window open, I am able to stay in. It's only when I close it that I get logged out. Yeah, I've checked the remember me box. Firefox is set to keep cookies until they expire. I also tried the "exceptions" button and add forums.totalchoicehosting.com but that didn't work. I went to IE and used the settings you did (mine was set for medium there), had no results. Tried allowing the forums.totalchoicehosting.com website, didn't work either This is only happening with cookies here as far as I know, other forums work fine. o.o I recently reformatted to keep things running quickly and everything and haven't gotten around to installing anything that could block bad cookies. Probably should though. It is starting to just get wierd.
  15. For a while now I have been having problems with TCH's forums always logging me out. It happens quite frequently so after having a look around, noticed that the cookies I get here that log me in are set to expire during the end of the current session. If you don't know, a session in cookies is when your browser is open, if you close it then the session ends... It seems others have their cookies working properly since their cookies expire a year after they were set. Since the cookies get removed at the end of a session, closing and opening the browser will make me have to log back in. This happens on both the desktop (uses windows xp) and laptop (uses windows 2000). Both use firefox but the same thing happens when using internet explorer. Kind of wierd. I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing or experienced the same thing, and maybe has a fix for it? Or could know why it might be happening... Thanks!
  16. Very good tutorial! I am not an expert at security or anything, but I've always set my access keys as constants instead of variables, since constants can't be changed once set. I am not sure of any downsides to this, so I might as well do it to be a little more secture. Here's an example: ><?php define ('DB_USER', 'username'); define ('DB_PASSWORD', 'password'): define ('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); define ('DB_NAME', 'database'); $dbc = @mysql_connect (DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD) OR die ('Unable to connect to mysql!'); @mysql_select_db (DB_NAME); OR die ('Unable to select a database!!'); ?>
  17. Cutenews is definately my favorite! Also, if you use an invision forum, last time I checked there are several mods available that are able to pull topics out of a forum and treat it as news on a main page.
  18. D.Slatk


    I know firefox checks the site if a favicon.ico exists (darn all those 404s lol) but I am not sure if explorer does. If you want to be sure that it gets displayed, you can use this: ><head> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico"> </head>
  19. Okay, basically I am trying to build the first steps of a game. I've got an idea and so i'm going with it. Since it involves things on a visual map, I think that's where I need to start. Each tile on the map has certain things associated with it. Maybe you'll run into a monster, maybe you'll get teleported to a different location, maybe it'll trigger a conversation with a computer-controlled character. I have most of the details of how to get it done, I just need to keep reading this book and then actually write the rest of the code for it. If you are interested in how the tables are going to be structured feel free to PM me and I'll give you more details!
  20. Wow that really adds a lot more possibilities than I had imagined, making a primary key depend on two columns' values. Okay good about the error thing, when the php interfaces with the database I'll get caught if I'm doing anything stupid! You certainly know a lot about about mysql. Thanks for all the help by the way. I'll post why I'm building it in the morning as it will take some time to type up. It is a bit late here in california.
  21. Oh okay, I see what you mean there, now. I didn't know that you could assign primary keys to two columns! Changin will work unless I need to use foreign keys, which I don't think I would need to do yet, really. This should save a column for several tables, thanks. By the way, if you try to change the value of a primary key into a value that already exists in the column, will it bring up an error?
  22. Hehe, I am not actually using a primary key as the coords. Each "area" would have its own primary key of course, but it'd just be its id. Rather, each area has an identification associated with it, mainly its coords with all the other areas. Say you have 9 areas that are put next to eachother to form the large map. >[Area 0x0] [Area 0x1] [Area 0x2] [Area 1x0] [Area 1x1] [Area 1x2] [Area 2x0] [Area 2x1] [Area 2x2] That's how they'd be next to eachother on the actual map. To calculate the global top-left coordinate of an area, that'd be done depending on the sizes of the areas. Right now I'm thinking each size will be 32x32, but that isn't final yet. So the top left of area 1x2 would be (32, 64). So basically the top-left global coords of an area are based on the area coords... Because if I need to edit it, I can, but I can't edit a primary key.
  23. I think a lot of it depends on the user's taste and what you're using it for. I use pspad when I'm not on my desktop because you can just put it in a memory stick and have a nice editor right there. In php designer, everything I would need and use is there so it really doesn't feel incomplete to me.
  24. I use PHP Designer 2005. Very small, but it has lots of features built into it, which is good since I'm not on the best computer. It's mainly for web editing, this means it doesn't do much for non-web languages. It has many features for PHP, including integration with the php manual and a debugging panel. And it's completely free... It can do syntax highlighting that you can customize the colors of on PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, Perl, Javasript, VB, Java, C#, almost every SQL program you can think of (lol)... And then my favorite part. It can highlight several scripting languages in the same page. Some of the pages I edit use html, css, php, and maybe a little bit of java and php editor can highlight each separately within the same file. http://www.mpsoftware.dk/phpdesigner.php If you want to try it.
  25. That's a really cool function, but it's very hard to get actual things inside of the cells such as the trees that are in the link... it is more easy for me to output the map piece by piece (td by td, and run conditionals to check if they need the images inside and if so then place them) until they all put together the actual map...
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