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  1. Annual Payments are 100% refundable just as monthly. They are prorated from the date of payment & towards the date of cancellation. We do not bill for services, all services must be pre-paid. If for some reason you cant use the services your money will be 100% refunded.
  2. Hi - lstover your correct. Here is a short how to on adding accounts in OE - http://forums.*****/index.p...b9a01ea6ac87082
  3. SSH can be provided. A manager must approve. This is a new policy as we did not allow it in the past.
  4. Hi, You can point your extra domain to you silver account no problem, thats included in the cost of the plan. You can point the domain to any sub you like. You can not however, control mail for the pointed domain, you would only have mail for your hosted domain. No sub domains for the add on as it is only pointed.
  5. Sorry This deal is offered at OFFICE MAX STORES!
  6. Thanks. We give it 100%, 24 hours a day, Seven Days per week.
  7. Just FYI for everybody. If you have a CDR and are in need of some media. 200 Khypermedia CDR's for $4.99 Yes thats right. Here is the breakdown $59.99 Price -$20.00 Instant Rebate -$35.00 Mail In Rebate Your Total Cost is $4.99 This sale is only for one week and started on 10/27/2002
  8. You set the size of your email accounts in Cpanel. There is a standard 2MB file size limit with most ISP and there port 25 SMTP prots. Sending email attachements really slows down the servers, just remember that.
  9. Lerdo, You are so correct, and I am sorry to be wrong We upgraded our account activation emails since you signed up, and thus thats where the confusion came from. Do you want me to re-send you a brand new one, nice and shiny and brand new with all the cool new brand new stuff in it. Of course there would be no charge for me to send the brand new email to you. Let me know.
  10. Yup, sounds like a DNS issue to me. Welcome to the Totalchoice Family.
  11. This is taken right out of the welcome email sent to each new client. ================================================= Email setup information - ================================================= Incoming Mail Server: mail.****** Outgoing Mail Server: mail.****** *or* mail.your-isp.com Access web mail with provided Username and Password Access your Web Mail after propagation: http://******/webmail/
  12. Sorry for the delay, very busy tonight. You will need to delete the folder guestbook and re-install it.
  13. Whats the url of your website guestbook. Lets take a lookseeeee.
  14. Your HTML code is calling the cpanel page. Here is the link you have placed in your index.html page some how.
  15. Hello - Yes you can do all of what you asked for. SSL is available. Most of our clients use 3rd party credit card processors thus eliminating the need for SSL.
  16. Im not sure. You can see the file on your computer? Like when you view your homepage you dont get a red x? If so, then you need to locate cooltext7978563.gif and upload it. My shift is over at 11pm, but im back at 8am, so I will check on your progress then. Just in case the midnight guy gets busy. The busiest shift for us support people is the 11pm-7am shift if you can believe that!
  17. But even still... http://www.lilithboadicea.com/logo.html that is still looking for the file cooltext7978563.gif So you have to upload the file cooltext7978563.gif
  18. Ok, here is the file that the red X is looking for http://www.lilithboadicea.com/cooltext7978563.gif Did you upload cooltext7978563.gif to your public_html folder?
  19. When you type a URL like www.amazon.com , the internet has no clue what to do with that. There are a bunch of servers out on the WWW called DNS servers. They translate www.amazon.com into a set of long numbers like this Those numbers are called an IP Address. Most accounts on TCH are shared hosting accounts. This means you share a server with many other clients. You also share an IP address with many other clients. No big deal in reality. You still type www.****** and your web site shows up right? In most cases yes. There are some custom software applications that will require a dedicated IP address. So thats it!
  20. Hello Ive Got Issues Im Ayman, better known in these parts as Spitwad. If you want to throw your URL out there we could take a look and see whats up?
  21. Done! Maybe you are having issues with IE? It worked first time for me! It was that can of wooooop *** wasnt it?
  22. Your correct on the index.html thing. If you place anything outside of this folder it wont be viewable. Now your counter issue. You should be able to go into your control panel and click on the counter link. Then at the bottom you would: where it says counter name enter this: test (DONT ENTER .DAT) then where it say new count enter your new total That should do it. If not let me know, cause I got a special can of counter whooop *** for it!
  23. Your are 100% correct. The wonderfull world of DNS. Some providers update their DNS server every couple hours, others cache and dont update for several days. Comcast for example they update once per week in some cases. So sit tite, it will update soon.
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