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  1. Problem With Email Password

    Woohooo!! You both rock. It worked! Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to configure OE to recieve my site email. I made a new identity and entered the servers, but now OE won't recognize my password. I've tried re-installing the password and it still won't recognize it. It's the same password used for my email account. The error message says "Password not recognized. Mismatched name and password?"
  3. About My Guestbook

    Thanks a bunch! It works fine now.
  4. About My Guestbook

    I didn't do anything, that I know of. I installed the guestbook and changed some of the settings. Specifically, I allowed more characters, lengthened the amount of time neccessary to wait under flood control and added my email to the neccessary spot. That's all.
  5. About My Guestbook

  6. Did any of the wonderful gurus out there come up with ideas on why my guestbook isn't functioning?
  7. Serious Problem

    Yes, that fixed it marvellously! Thanks!
  8. I've Got Issues

    I've spent years on message boards, so I've got plenty. That one seemed the most appropriate for this forum.
  9. Serious Problem

    Ever since I got the logo to work on my page, accessing the main page will bring up the Cpanel login. What happened, and how do i fix it?
  10. I've Got Issues

    Y'know, that could be it....
  11. I've Got Issues

    No, minimum message length is 6 characters, no minimum word length, max character is 15,000. I wrote a couple of sentences, as an intro. Maybe Ayman can check wazzzup with mine?
  12. I've Got Issues

    Done. Yippee! Now, on to the guestbook. The error message reads: One of the input fields does not seem to be valid. Any ideas?
  13. I've Got Issues

    Hot damn! I've got it on the web. Just let me do some tinkering, I'll figure out how to get it into my page. Thanks!
  14. I've Got Issues

    Heck, I believe it. It's the only real website building time *I* get, because that's when the children are in bed. Whomever answers this, keep in mind you are dealing with an HTML idiot. Speak slowly. Use small words. Assume I know nothing, or at least very little. I can see the logo in my HTML editor, and it works properly when I preview the page through the internet. But when I load it to my site, either on my main page or to it's own page, I see only the red X.