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  1. Thanks guys - I appreciate it. Best regards, Laura
  2. Thanks guys for your quick responses. Jim - I'll look for that watermark program. I'm sure my phone call to her voicemail probably will scare her witless, but there are times in life when nothing beats a good lawyer!
  3. Hi All, I've just found a competitor who lifted some of my design images and has them on her site and is presenting them as her own work. Besides the legal action I have taken, I know there is a way to code pics so that people can print them, but not save them to their computers. I would appreciate any help, Thanks, D
  4. I've been using Firefox for about 6 months and LOVE it! It loads faster than Opera and I love the flexibility of it. The only drawback is certain sites do not work well with it e.g., shopping carts, stock chart updates etc. I'm hoping that this will be resolved shortly, so I don't have to revert to Netscape for those particular sites. (I *never* use IE ) My AWstats show that Mozilla is still the 2nd most used browser and Firefox is down the list a bit - but still there.
  5. Duh! Thanks - that was easy! Thanks!
  6. Greetings! I just set up the Random HTML generator so kindly provided on our CPanel. However, when I uploaded my page (yes, with a .shtm extension), with the code in the appropriate place - strangeness - the page view as raw HTML code? What did I do this time? Thanks,
  7. Hmmm - Is Bill going to reveal the whereabouts of Osama Bin Ladin and then put his hat in the ring for Pres as a write-in? I think you may have a shot!
  8. This thread interetsts me as I just started using Firefox 0.9.2 in the last 3 months. I've always hated IE mostly for it being 'high maintenance' and S L O W. Firefox is lightening fast enough for an A-Type like myself, I love the Bookmark Toolbar and the tabs. This has saved me tremendous time when I have to make purchases from my wholesalers throughout the day. I test my web pages in 4 different browsers, and therefore do get to spend some time working with each. I do not find this browser unintuitive at all. I love with the car analogy. In my last life (IT Geek), I'd tell users that they have to KNOW to change the oil and check the air in the tires, but that doesn't mean that they have to rebuild their I AM A SPAMMER or customize their engine block (I used to hang with a lot of street racers - long story - different life). I'm of the ilk that spoon feeding users is not helping them. (Give a man a fish...teach a man to fish...same idea).
  9. I was very nervous about changing hosts and had been looking for a few months. TCH kept coming up in conversations, and after the last major down-time at the last host, people were leaving like rats from a sinking ship. The time had come. The switch wasn't easy for me at first because getting used to the idea of not having a live person for support was very uncomfortable - plus TCH didn't support the FormMail that I was dependent upon for my business. It's taken some time but I'm happy to say my form up and running again. I'm also blown away that TCH never let me feel like I was going through it alone. Special thanks to Don for his upbeat, consistent assistance, and Liz for her support, in particular, as well as the many others on the helpdesk. I must say, as I wrote Don, this feels more like a 'support group' than a mere hosting company. When I first joined you guys said "welcome home." You really did hit it on the spot. I am very pleased to carry your link on the footer of my website's pages. Bravo!
  10. ROFL WTIME Thanks, that laugh is good for the rest of the weekend!. Thank God - a board with humour! D
  11. LOL - I Have been in your world; I ran a helpdesk and managed user support for 2 major telecoms for 10 years. At least these days when I get calls, it's not about someone's "coffee cup holder" (cd rom drive) not working. Jeesh! (BTW, if your not a regular reader of "Shark Tank" I highly recommend it.....) D
  12. I just got off the phone with domain support. I told them that it was pointing to your DNS servers for 12 hours, but this past hour is back at HOSTSAVEs servers (?!?!?) Anyway, Josh said its not unusual for this to happen over the course of a 24-48 hour period. Regardless, I was able to get back in to the old site by using the IP address and update those pages so.....both sites now have your link on them. Can you put up on yours now, pretty please Thanks, D
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