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  1. Isn't there a way to get to your site via an IP address and your account username? something like: http://xxx.xx.xxx.xx/~username/ How do I find the IP address to do that?
  2. How do I check the size of my mysql database? My website is over 20MB but I don't think my mysql db is that large.
  3. Are there size limits for emails sent to and from a TCH hosted email account?
  4. Where can I read more about TCH's backup policy? Maybe I can just rely on those backups.
  5. I found: Where can I read more about TCH's backup policy? I don't have access to a domain hosted email account on a server other than the one I am trying to back up so I can't have the file sent there that at this time. Also, I believe that TCH support told me that 34MB was the largest file I could send from my domain and I might get to that limit soon anyway.
  6. Bruce, how big of .gz files are you receiving? I am wondering if gmail is blocking my attachments. They are around 30MB.
  7. Is dbsender still working for you guys? It was working for me for awhile but now I no longer get the db attachment in the email that the cron sends.
  8. How do I set permissions to 4755?
  9. I thought I had it set up so that dbsender emailed me a copy of my database daily. Where would the copies that were saved on the server be?
  10. Ran out of space where? Is it something I can empty?
  11. HI. I had a cron job set up (for dbsender.php) but I am now getting this email: I also noticed that my cron job is no longer in the Cron Jobs section of cPanel. There is a message on my cPanel > Cron Jobs page: Any idea what happened or how to remedy this? Thanks.
  12. For some reason, there isn't an error_log in the directory that the script is located (or anywhere that I have access). Any idea why that would be?
  13. Sorry about my confusion. I am only looking to clear the previous error logs.
  14. I'm not sure where to post this. Someone developed a script for me and during the testing there were some errors that displayed on the site. Eventually the script was fixed but the developer told me that the past errors were stored in the php.ini file. Is there a way for the errors on my site can be removed from the php.ini file?
  15. Which of the TCH forums do they discuss php the most? I should probably post in that one instead of this one, right?
  16. Thanks for that link. It cleared up some things for me but now I'm having some trouble differentiating php from SSI(server-side includes). It seems they both can have one file that contains code that repeats on several webpages, right? Or do you need to use SSI with php to have the code repeat?
  17. So is the way it works there is one template and all 'global' changes are made via that template? Is this done in a specific type of coding or programming language?
  18. What is the term(s) for a website design 'technology' where you only have to edit one file and it will change the header and footer area (for example, logo and the links at the bottom of each page) for all pages?
  19. So would there be a situation you can think of where you would want to use an absolute path? It seems that the relative path will always get you to your specified file. Also, in this absolute path: /home/user/public_html/images/test.jpg Is "home" the actual text to be used for paths on TCH servers? I can't seem to get absolute paths to work for me. I understand that "user" is my cpanel username.
  20. Is there an advantage/disadvantage of using a relative/absolute path instead of the URL to the file?
  21. Is it possible to run a website locally to test it out? All of the files are either .html or .php. I noticed that when I try to run it from my C: drive it doesn't function properly when I'm using the php pages/files. What would I have to install on my PC to be able to run the site locally? Thanks.
  22. What is the difference between the "relative path" and the "absolute path"?
  23. Do you mean that it is possible to use any of those page names or that the DirectoryIndex can be redirected to several pages?
  24. How do you get a directory to point to a file? For example: How would I get www.mywebsite.com/directory to point/direct to www.mywebsite.com/file.html Thanks.
  25. The only place my emails don't arrive is to aol accounts. I am positive that the emails don't go into the aol bulk/junk/spam box. The emails arrive in other email accounts such as yahoo, gmail, and hotmail.
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