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  1. The IP address of my (your) virtual server does not show up in the SORBS database. If I send mail from the server to my myself (isp) I do not receive it. If I send mail from the server to myself, via a third party mail server, I DO receive it. Does this mean that my isp is blocking mail from the server?
  2. Is it possible to determine if mail being sent from a virtual hosting server is being blocked because one of the accounts is a source of spam? If so, can this be circumvented by using a third party mail server? Thanks, Jack
  3. How do I install PECL's timezonedb on my virtual machine? Thanks, Jack
  4. What are the email sending limitations with a virtual host. Would I be able to send as many as say 3000 emails at one time? By 'one time' I mean a database driven batch. Thanks
  5. I have a web application that necessitates a scheduled reading of a small database table by a remote client. What is the maximum frequency that I am entitled to do this on my virtual host account? Every 2 minutes would be good... once a minute would be better. Thank You Jack
  6. Is there a practical maximum number of databases that I can create on my 'Deluxe Hosting' plan? What special considerations would there be, if any, if I were to have say 500 databases? Thanks, Jack
  7. I have site on a virtual server that uses a plugin to convert output to pdf format. It works fine, but if the output exceeds a certain size, the conversion process fails and yields the following message: 'Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16 bytes)'. Is there a way to address this? Thanks, Jack
  8. I am looking for a document that will provide a sort of checklist addressing the areas of security that need to be considered in operating a db- based web application. Thanks, Jack
  9. Does this mean that if I change my hosting account from virtual to dedicated, then my dedicated box can have this relaxed configuration on its mailserver? If so, how do I prevent it from being tagged as a spam source?
  10. I am developing an application that will, among other things, send email at the rate of several thousand per day. My application is on a virtual host during development, but will be moved to a dedicated box. My understanding is that sending too much mail from the virtual server will result in it being treated as a source of spam. I have been told that I need to use a mail server that will 'certify' that my application is not a source of spam. My questions are: 1. Does TCH offer a mail server that will suit my needs described? 2. If I have a dedicated host, would the server be installed in the same box? 3. Are there any other considerations that I am missing? 4. Am I confused? Thanks, Jack
  11. I recently started getting a Permission denied (13) error when trying to do a php fsockopen (to PayPal). I did not have this problem before. I suspect it may be a security setting on your end. Can you please help? Thanks, Jack
  12. I tried with a hotmail account as you suggested, without success. The automysqlbackup script is only configured to send a notification by email (which isn't happening anymore), not an attached backup file, so I dont think file size (150 KB) is the issue. Is it possible that on July 20, something changed on your end that no longer makes the php mail function accessible from above the public_html directory? Thanks, Jack
  13. I have been successfully using two database backup schemes concurrently for some time. One is dbsender.php, the other is automysqlbackup.sh. As of July 20, 2007, I no longer receive my backup file from dbsender.php, nor do I receive my notification of backup result from automysqlbackup.sh. The automysqlbackup.sh script however is continuing to write backups to my home directory. My email address, spam filters, have remained unchanged. Can you help? Thanks, Jack
  14. I would like to setup a duplicate environment in which to do development on my website on an ongoing basis, while having a separate 'production' version elsewhere. The intention being to overwrite the production version with tested updates from the development version. The respective databases would remain distinct. Is this a common practice? If so, what is the best way to proceed? Thanks, Jack
  15. Hello, I'm looking for the InnoDB type storage engine for use in my database. It does not seem to appear as an option in phpMyAdmin. Is it available to me? Thanks, Jack
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