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  1. How do you know when your domain completes the propagation? I used my domain name address and the background, etc, that I've been working on showed up. Does this mean my site is up and running? I thought I'd get an e-mail about it. Sheryl
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Don and thanks for telling me I needed to get rid of that "/". I did that and now I get the option to save my zip file. I didn't realize linking to a file and linking to another site would be different since I also decided to try linking to another web address and that worked using the "/" at the end of the web address. Another problem solved. Sheryl
  3. Thanks for the reply. I never thought about the path being case sensitive. Gosh, there's so many things to think about. I renamed my folder using lower case letters cause I thought that would be easier in the long run and now if I go to my page my backgrounds are showing up. However, if I click show file under File Manager the backgrounds aren't there. They showed up before I moved those background tiles. I haven't moved my Welcome sign and that still shows up so I don't understand why the background tiles don't show up, now that I corrected my folder name. I have another problem. I uploaded a zip file to a new folder called zip under public_html and tried to put a link to this file on my index page but the link doesn't work. This is how I tried to link it..... Click <a href="http://www.domainname.com/zip/zipfile.zip/"> here</a> to save the zip file to your computer. Is that the correct way to link a file? If so, should it work or does the server not allowing us to link zip files? Sheryl
  4. Hi, I am new too and getting so frustrated. I've been trying to set up my index.html page for a couple days now using a double background and placing a welcome banner on my site. I thought I created a background folder to hold my images but I think I created a background file instead since it showed up looking like a file and not a folder. Thinking this was a folder, I uploaded my graphics to it, but now that I'm learning a little more about what I'm doing, I think all I did was upload the graphics to my public_html folder since everything was listed below all my folders including that backgrounds file. In any event, after doing all that but basically doing it wrong, I was able to see my graphics if I used this for the path to my graphics: http:www.domainname.com/graphic.jpg Now that I realized I put my graphics in the wrong place, I decided to set up a folder under public_html, called backgrounds and moved all my graphics to it, but now my graphics won't show up. First of all, just to be sure I set up my folder correctly, let me explain what I did. I opened my public_html folder and said I wanted to create a new folder. I named it Backgrounds. When my pictures wouldn't show up, I tried naming it Backgrounds_html. Which is correct? Once I had my background folder created, I moved all my graphics to it but didn't change the path on my index.html page thinking they should still show up but they didn't. I then tried to edit the path to just backgrounds/graphic.jpg but that didn't work, so I put my domain name first, then the background folder and still no graphics will show up. I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what. I guess I first need to be sure I created my folder correctly. Sheryl
  5. Could you please tell me what the difference is between these 2 message boards? Is one easier to use then the other? And if I go with Invision power, where do I upload it to and where do I find the file to upload? Sheryl
  6. Good Morning Bruce and thanks. BTW, I've been reading some of the client written tutorials and found a question where someone was wondering how they could see their site before propagation and I had forgotten that I was sent an address to use. I clicked on my address and there was my site with my background tiles and welcome sign. It was exciting seeing it. I still need to work on my font color and size but I haven't gotten to those instructions in my HTML book yet. I was kind of anxious to get a background going. I'm not feeling quite so lost any more. This is really easier to do then I anticipated. Of course I haven't gotten into setting up links or directing people to a second page or linking words to a different web address so I'm not sure if I'll get confused again. And I have to figure out how to set up a forum. Is there a tutorial on that? I did a search but came up with nothing. Sheryl
  7. I think I figured out why I had a problem seeing what I was working on yesterday. I had logged into CPanel through my domain name rather then the ip address. (I think that's what you call it.) I was afraid I'd open up Cpanel again today and not find my file but it's still there and still working so I'm assuming I just uploaded everything at the wrong log in address. I have another question though. Once the domain name propagation is complete and people can see my site do they see it by going to www.domainname.com/index.html? Obviously domainname will be replaced with my actual domain name. I'm getting excited about seeing my site on the web and wish the propagation would speed up, lol. Sheryl
  8. Hi Bruce. Don't ask me what I must have done before because after typing out my problem, I went back to my Cpanel and couldn't find my index.html page that I knew I had uploaded since I viewed it. I have no idea what happened to it so I uploaded it again and rechecked my html codes using the edit file in Cpanel. After saving some changes since I hadn't linked my background images to the page, I opened up index.html again and everything showed up. The wonders of computers, lol. I can't do any more work on it tonight but I guess I'm heading in the right direction. Thanks for the help. Sheryl
  9. I think I'm making some progress. I started working on my index.html page and uploaded it to my public_html folder along with some images I want to use, however, when I click the index file and say I want to view it, my images aren't showing. Are they suppose to show or could I have done something wrong? Do I need to link my images to my web site? For example, would this be the html code I should use when including an image: <img src="http://www.domain.com/image.gif" or do I leave out the http address? I actually tired both ways and neither showed my image plus I made a folder called backgrounds.html, put it in my public_html folder and uploaded my images and background tiles to it. Was that right? If my domain name hasn't completed the propagation yet, does that mean I can't see what I'm trying to create? One more thing, I can open my index.html page from my computer's document folder and everything looks fine so I "think" I must have used the correct html codes but now my problem is getting it seen on my web site. My son's been tied up today so I couldn't get much help out of him except he did show me how to center my Welcome image. BTW, I decided to buy another HTML book since I couldn't find the one that teaches you HTML in 24 hours. Of course once I got home with my new book, there was my old book in the one spot I forgot to check but I think I'll keep this newer book anyways. Sheryl
  10. Thanks again. I read through that tutorial a little but stopped to watch a TV show. I'm calling it a night right now but I think I'll pull that other HTML book out of the cob webs and see if it will help me out. As to bribing my son, I'm toying with the idea of asking him if he wants me to purchase his own hosting plan on TCH. I figure if he uses TCH, he'll figure out how to set up a web page and can then help me out. He already has a domain name and uses it on a free hosting site but he might like having more storage space. I think once I get pointed in the right direction, I'll be ok. I like working with HTML even though I need a to have a book in front of me showing me each tag that needs to be used. I did make a practice title page so I'm getting there. Well good night all. Sheryl
  11. Thanks both of you. I'm going to read over that site you linked me to Lisa, and Bruce, actually I have an HTML book. The first one listed on that tutorial page. HTML for the world wide web by Elizabeth Castro. I'm also going to see if my son will help me over the weekend since he's real sharp when it comes to HTML. He's not always helpful but I'm hoping I can bribe him into helping me out, lol. I think one of my biggest problems at the moment is knowing what to do with the information or pages I'm creating and I wasn't sure how to make that index page. I tried to set it up the way I explained in my last message but I guess that was wrong so I better delete it. And Bruce, no offense takend when you suggested the Dummy book but to tell you the truth, those dummy books are too hard to follow. I like a book with lots of visuals which is why I bought the HTML book that I'm using. I had another HTML book that was called something like teach yourself HTML in 24 hours, or something like that but it was for HTML 3.0 I believe. I never really used the book but my son did and that's how he learned HTML. Well I'm off to read that website building guide. Thanks again for the help. Sheryl
  12. I'm still trying to figure out what to do. I don't think I want to use Front Page cause it sounds as if I have to come up with Front Page extensions and I have no idea how to do that. I can't purchase any new software at the moment so I thought I'd try working with notepad and HTML codes since I'm a "little" familiar with them and have a book on HTML that can give me the codes I'll need. I want to first work on my main page's layout and if I understand things I've been reading correctly, I have to come up with a name for my main page and add index.html to the end of it. Should this index page read something like this.... www.domain.com/the name of my main page/index.html? If that's right, can I create that name using Notepad? And if so, do I then have to upload this site name to my public_html folder? Do I have to create a folder for the images I want to use or do they go in the public_html folder? Do all folders have to end in html? I think I'll wait for some answers to these questions before I go any further. I'm not having too much luck finding some good tutorials on the web. Most of the build your website sites assumes you know a lot more then I do. I'm hoping everything's going to start clicking soon and this won't be such a head ache for me. Right now I'm still feeling terribly confused and lost. Newbie, I appreciate your visual. I see your index file but it shows php at the end. I don't know what php is. Is that something I have to put at the end of my index file after html? Sheryl
  13. Yes I do have Front page but I don't know how to use that either. I'm sorry if I'm sounding pretty stupid but how do I set up an index page? The other sites I've worked with have Site builders so everything has always been pretty much done for me. If I do a search for building a web page, will the instructions basically be the same for all hosting sites? Can you use something like Web Monkey to build your site? I'm not that familiar with Web Monkey either but I thought it was suppose to be kind of easy to use. Then again, maybe my best bet is to figure out how to use Front page. I bought a book on Front page but reading it, is like reading a foreign language. Sheryl
  14. Thanks Bruce. I think I kind of figured out that the bottom line was, I wasn't really up and running yet but at least I'm on the right path. However, I just posted a question in the Open Discussion forum because I'm totally clueless as to what to do now. Sheryl
  15. I am feeling totally lost. I just purchased a domain name and hosting service but I have no idea what I need to do first in order to set up my web site. I figured out how to get to the Cpanel, but what do I do once I'm there? If I want to use a certain graphic for my background, I assume I need to upload this to CPanel. Does it go in the File Manager folder? If I want to use a banner, does this have to be uploaded into File Manager? Once I figure out where these graphics need to be uploaded, then what? How do I actually use them to set up my main page? Do I need to set up a folder, file, or something that will hold all the information for my main page? The page people will see when they click on a link to my site? As you can see, I haven't a clue what I'm doing, lol. Sheryl
  16. Well I am officially a member of the family. (I think, lol) I got an e-mail giving me my web address, username, password, and domain name so now I just need to figure out how to upload files and start working on my site. My next stop is the Tutorial forum. Stick around. I may have a few questions, lol. Actually I have one question. What does this mean," To access your site before the domain name completes propagationyou can go to the URL below to view your site" The "completes propagation" is what I'm unclear with. Sheryl
  17. Thanks Don. I'll be sure to ask if I run into any problems. I can't wait for my welcome e-mail. I'm anxious to get started on my site. Sheryl
  18. Thanks for offering to help me Newbie. Well I'm all signed up and just need to wait for my letter from TCH, saying I can start building my site. I hope I did everything correctly. I purchased my Domain name first from TCH. I decided it was easier, then signed up for a hosting package. In signing up for the hosting package, it asked me if I needed a Domain name or owned one and would be handling the transfer. I said I owned one but what do they mean by handling the transfer? Do I have to do something else regarding my new domain name? Sheryl
  19. Yes, that linked helped me out. I think I've asked all I need to ask now if I could just come up with a name for my site, I'll start the set up process going. Sheryl
  20. Thanks again for the quick responses and LOL about your kitty. I have just a couple more questions and again, I may not be using the correct terms but hopefully you'll understand what I'm trying to say or ask. I read that you're able to have sub domains. I'm not quite sure what this means so I'll explain what I "think" it's saying. I can register a second domain name pertaining to something other then my main interest or what my domain name refers to. My son has a domain name that he uses on a free web hosting site and I thought I might let him use some of the space I'll be getting when I join TCH. His site has nothing to do with my site so I want to be sure this is ok to do before I decide how much space I want to purchase. One other question.... are there any TCH sites I can look at to get an idea what established sites look like? And would someone have to join my site to view it or can anyone see it? Sheryl
  21. Thanks so much for the quick response. It sounds as if using TCH should work for me. I don't run a business or anything. I just want to set up a web site and share information about some of the things which interest me, plus be able to set up a message forum where my friends can talk about our simliar interests. Now I need to figure out a Domain name and set that up. I think I read that I don't necessarily have to set up a Domain name with TCH. I'm free to set up a domain name where I can find the best price.... right? Are there advantages to using TCH for my domain name? Since this is only a personal website, I'm trying to keep the cost down. Sheryl
  22. I hope it's alright to add a few more questions to this message since the original questions are questions I too had. I have no idea what Cpanel or SQL mean. I've used free servers in the past but they don't give you enough storage space or bandwidth so I'm looking into purchasing a Domain name and buying web space. I've used HTML at my free web site. Is this what I'd use here too to set up my site? Does it matter what operating system you use? I'm using Windows XP. Can I upload jpgs to my site? Is there a limit as to how big a file can be that I download to my site? I have Front Page, although I've never used it and have no idea how to use it but if I ever figure it out, can I use this to create my web site? I think that's all the questions I have at the moment. Like the Newbie said, it's nice having a place where you can get some help. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to setting up a web site. I really don't know many of the proper terms to use when asking questions so I hope my questions made sense. Thanks. Sheryl
  23. Where can I get information on a reseller package? My son has a registered domain name at a different site but he's never set up a website. I was telling him I am looking into setting up an account with Total Choice and he thought I could use his domain name and then list a different sub domain for my site but since my site would have nothing to do with his domain name, it sounds as if the only way we can do this is through a reseller package or setting up a second account. I'd like to find out what the reseller package costs and includes before making a decision, but I couldn't find any information on it. Sheryl
  24. I'm not sure what you mean by only being able to use Http and FTP methods for delivery and what exactly is a shared server? Is that what I'd be signing up for? If I wanted to share short video clips with friends, can I put them in a zip folder and upload them that way? This wouldn't use my as much bandwidth, right?
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