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  1. ehh I like BlueLagoon better. I agree with whoever said its just kinda scattered about in logical order. Lot easier to find things in BlueLagoon
  2. can you install it on the test drive cpanel account or set a test drive one up for it? I have no idea what you're talking about... but it sounds cool
  3. I have a lot of bandwidth hogging files and a lot of visitors, but I've never gotten past 3gb of bandwidth used. for normal sites, 5gb is more than enough.
  4. this is what I've got anybody see anything wrong, or a better way I could have done something? $superdat is the variable thats the filename they put in to upload >//define allowed file types $allowed = array( "image/bmp", "image/gif", "image/jpeg", "image/pjpeg", "image/png", "image/psd", "image/tiff", "image/iff" ); //convert filenames to lowercase $superdat_name = strtolower($superdat_name); //remove spaces from file names and replace them with underscores $superdat_name = str_replace(" ", "_", $superdat_name); //check to see if filetype is allowed if(!in_array($superdat_type, $allowed)) { //if not allowed show error and link back to main page echo "<BR><center><a href = 'http://upload.dozure.net'>Try again</a><br><br>"; echo "If you believe you got this error mistakenly, contact dozure with the error below<br><br>"; die ("ERROR: Files of type <font color = 'red'>$superdat_type</font> are not images.</center>"); }
  5. thanks those are the ones i have in my list now, i was just seeing if anyone knew of any others
  6. yea i put image files only, but ive already had a couple mp3s and some zips pop up in there. I'm worried about someone uploading a php file and going nutty before I catch it.
  7. that can be returned by $_FILES['userfile']['type'] I'm trying to restrict my upload script to only image files. for example: >if ($file_type != "image/gif") { die ("File is not a image. Try again"); } can i use a wildcard so I can just put: >if ($file_type != "image/*") { die ("File is not a image. Try again"); } I know that exactly won't work, because I tried it, but is there a way I dont know about to use a wildcard in that?
  8. I think that is referring more towards shells used for eggdrop bots and the like rather than a irc client. I could be wrong though.
  9. mine seems to do that every time I use the File Manager and try to maximize it. Just reboot, or close all IE windows, open a new one then kill the iexplore process and it should fix it.
  10. if you want to pat for it, vBulletin is a good one
  11. dozure


    hey I had the same problem trying to edit it. I finally figured out that when I was opening it in notepad, editing it, and then saving it, it was screwing up the comments.. >//This is a comment became >//This is a comment and naturally PHP has no idea what is a comment means, so It gave parse errors. I fixed this problem by downloading phpedit www.phpedit.net and used it to edit the files. No more problems. As for editing the styles, I'm not having much luck with this. The way phpmychat is designed is weird... I'm having a hard time figuring out which files do what and which colors in which files i need to change to change what. If I finally figure it out, I will make a list and post it. Hope this helps
  12. oh and would you be willing to share the script if you get it working? I would like to have something like that. I'm getting tired of walking people through using FTP Edit: nevermind, I followed KWs link and found one I'm going to use.
  13. the apache user is "nobody" i believe... if you do a >chown -R nobody directory that would take care of it i believe. this would have to be done from a command line through SSH though I believe
  14. who was it said that mine was a mess? they need to look at this one. Dear Lord....
  15. I also have another system (that I need the DVD Burner for) that isn't available for picture taking (in the process of moving, not set up yet) but here's an old picture of it (what a mess!):
  16. Sorry for the crappy pic, had to take it with a webcam (dropped my digital out the car window going down the interstate, long story) but here it is: Dell Latitude CPt-V laptop Celeron 500 256 RAM Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Dr Pepper TV Remote Cell Phone Comfy Recliner not pictured: Try AOL! cd coaster
  17. In FP2000 you just right-click the folder in the main web you want to make a subweb, and click create web. Then go to tools-security-permissions to set the author, administraor, etc...
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