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  1. Thanks to everyone for guiding me to PHP-Nuke and PHPbb. I am finding them both to be exactly what I need to run my web community. There are a few questions I haven't been able to figure out, and I was wondering if anyone has ever done it before. If so, your help would be much appreciated. What I'm trying to do is connect PHPbb to the PHP-Nuke login. I eventually want to get all my programs to run from a single login through Nuke. I'm very new to all this, so I don't know where to begin. My best guess is that I need to somehow tie the two programs together with SQL. I want the user to login once on the main screen and have full access beyond that with all programs keeping track of who the user is. Next question... I used to use a board package called Discuss. One of the things I really liked about Discus was that the users could attach an image directly to their post making it inline with the text. All they had to do was attach a tag like <image,Imagename> and IE or Netscape would automatically ask for the file from disk. There has to be a way to do this with PHPbb. I just can't find it. If you have even a tidbit of info on these things, please drop me a note. I'm a beginner at this stuff. Thanks! Dave
  2. I'm looking at four discussion forum packages. My users don't like PHPbb or Invision. Does anyone use ph2bb or YaBB? - ph2bb - YaBB - PHPbb - Invision Please post your comments on the ones you have used. Thanks! ROCK! ROCK! ROCK!
  3. Um, the TRS-80 doesn't do color. It just does a half dozen lines of b&w text. The TRS-80 and the Mac weren't real screen images. I used Photoshop. Is anyone getting the joke about the rocks? TCH Rocks Don't think too hard about it...
  4. Ok, this is for real now. No tampering with images and such. I promise that everything eminating from a CRT or LCD is produced by that given CRT or LCD respectively. Here is my humble workstation. Two BIG monitors are nice for video editing. All I need now is a burner to clear up space on my limited hard drives and to distribute videos to people in DVD format. And the money I save by winning the burner will go towards a bigger desk. The giant 21" and 19" monitors have already cracked the wood on my desk. Lets take a tour of all things LCD and CRT. First we have a Samsung PDA phone. The image here is real. I saw another pda phone in another post. That one was modified in Photoshop. This is the real thing complete with the required web page loaded in the Palm Blazer browser. Next we scroll over to the camcorder. If you tweak with it right through software, you can use the screen as an additional monitor. Resolution isn't that great though. And finally we have the TV showing the contents of the camcorder. Image quality is starting to fall apart at the end of that long chain of imaging devices. Just in case you couldn't make out what was on the other screen, here is a close-up. I should get points for the trouble I went through to etch all those rocks... in Photoshop of course. (not included: My laptop is at work, so I couldn't get a picture of it. And the LCD on my digital camera is tough to get a picture of for obvious reasons)
  5. Check out the cool Duke-Nukem mouse pad - the only useful piece of hardware in this picture. I do own this computer for historical value. And the nifty image on the screen proves that I own it, right? I should replace the flying toasters with flying TCH logos. What fun!
  6. I really need a DVD-RW drive to backup the critical files on my TRS-80 model 100 computer. Anyone know where I plug it in at? You would not believe how tough it was to install that color LCD. This would be the perfect platform to play and record DVD movies.
  7. I think I remember seeing that mail.yoursite.com was the outgoing and incoming POP3 port. While we're on this topic, I just downloaded PHP-Nuke 6.5 to my PC. I'm not sure how to make a MySQL database for it. Can anyone help me get it started? Also, where do I extract all the PHP-Nuke files to? Thanks! Dave
  8. From my initial observations it seems that php-nuke is better supported, but PostNuke is easier to use. Has anyone used both? What about the other similar packages out there? Is PHP-Nuke the way to go? I'm inclined to go that way.
  9. How does PHP-Nuke compare to PostNuke? Dave
  10. Ooooh, PHP-nuke looks like exactly what I need. You guys rock! I was unable to find a price or download for it. How do I get it? Thanks!
  11. I am interested in giving my users individual login accounts to access secure features of the web site. I'm probably jumping in to deep for my limited experience in these things, so I need some help from you guys. I'm looking to create a user login/tracking setup similar to what Yahoo offers with their chat/games/etc. Here is what I want to do: * Site will have login to access personalized areas * Site will remember returning members (probably through cookies) * Users will be able to post profiles of themselves that others can see * Users will be able to log in once to use all site resources: * BB will recognize users without logging in a second time * Web Mail will recognize users without logging in a second time * All other site features (chat, profiles, polls, etc will reference to the users account) I know this has been done before, and there is probably some free source code out there to do the job. My experience is mainly in page layout and HTML. I know very little about PHP, Javascript, Java, and other scripting languages even though I have included them in past projects. I'm guessing that I'll need to use some combination of PHP, MySQL, and cookies to pull this off. I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Where do I go from here?
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