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  1. Same issue here with Fantastico and Wordpress, Im seeing 2.3.2, while 2.3.3 has been out for over a month. Server is corellia. Mark
  2. That'd be nice, however you might note that the "ad" on the home page is STILL advertising this deal months after it has expired. Not very nice to tease us like that day after day:) Mark
  3. Im trying to mysqldump --xml a table out of a mysql database and while I can make it work when the script is in public_html, I cant seem to get it to work via cron. I get no error messages and I get no output file. I have tried several scripts, including a barely modified version of dbsender (modifications to use --xml instead of --quick etc). the mysql call from the modified dbsender goes like this: passthru("mysqldump --xml -h$dbhost -u$dbuser -p$dbpass $dbname mos_core_log_searches >$filename"); Ive also tried it via system(). No dice, either way. Ive tried outputting to /home/username/xml and making that folder 777. Didnt work. Ive tried to /home/username. Same deal. Any suggestions? I know this isnt much info. Note that I have numerous successful dbsenders working that use -add-drop -quick etc (the standard dbsender dump). Mark
  4. We've had a lot of issues with people hijacking our contact scripts over the last month or so at various sites. Its not clear to me that captchas are sufficient to keep the slime from doing what they do. On that note, I have 2 questions: 1) Can you guys recommend a contact script that in your experience is free of these problems, at least so far? 2) If I took these feedback/contact forms (which currently use php mail) and rather than making them email my clients the info the customer entered, instead had the script store the data on a mysql database and then gave my customers an app to retrieve them, would that avoid this problem, or is ANY php script with a text field subject to these issues? Im to the point where Im leery of the customer even getting any of the stored data sent to them via email because of what might be injected into the data via the form. Mark
  5. Do some TCH servers support ncftp? Mine doesnt appear to. I ask cuz the current version of this script refers to NCFTP, rather than using stock php FTP syntax. Mark
  6. Rob, It appears, at least on my server, that index.php OVERRIDES index.htm or default.htm. I need index.htm (or anything besides index.php<g>) to be the default so I can use it as an entry/splash to index.php (the store itself). I can easily rename index.php, but then I must change every reference to index.php in my cart software and repeatedly do so every time I apply an update to the store software. Doesnt sound much like fun:) How can I do this without renaming index.php? Mark
  7. Ive been experiencing this same behavior on server 45 lately as well. Mark
  8. I am seeing this error too, and yesterday or Monday I filed a ticket on it (as yet unresponded to). Mark
  9. Lisa, I filed a ticket yesterday, perhaps Monday. No reply yet. Meanwhile, my list is dead:( Worse yet, I cant check on the ticket and give you a # because the "email the ticket key to me" feature of the help desk isnt sending email. There is no server-side filtering on my email account, so that isnt the issue. Mark
  10. Go to http://montanabsa.com/mailman/admin/northwest_montanabsa.com I get a whole page of noise about mailman having a bug/error. None of it appears to be stuff within my control. TIA, Mark
  11. Hi Bruce, Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, that too is an administrative tool. To clarify, my need is this: Using a Windows or Linux program here on my desk, I need to be able to open my databases hosted at TCH and read/write data in their tables. Typically it is necessary to grant access via MySQL to my computer/IP in order to allow this sort of processing. I know how to do this when I have root access to MySQL, but I obviously dont have that sort of access to TCH-hosted MySQL:) I'll file a support request. Mark
  12. Hi Raul, I realize that configuration is done via Cpanel:) The issue isnt configuration, its actually updating and reading through the database from a remote location. Remote configuration using MySQL Front and similar tools would be a bonus of having remote access, but that is not the prime reason for needing to access the database programmatically from a remote location. Data access is. Mark
  13. Hi, I have simple reseller account, among others:) I have looked around in the FAQs for this info but cannot find it. I need to access my reseller account's MySQL databases via a program here on my machine. I do this all the time with our MSSQL databases, but cannot connect via any MySQL tools to our databases at TCH. I suspect that this is because access has not been enabled for my databases or userid or machine or <g>. How can I get this done (as I think - hmm, this should be a help desk ticket most likely). Mark
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