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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It worked! I just finished updating all 3 of my blogs using the WP update in Fantastico and everything works perfectly. No problems!!
  2. Thanks everyone! One of the themes I use on 2 of my blogs (a car racing theme) is pretty old too. I'm hoping it will stay intact. I love that theme and added my own pictures to the headers, one of my husband's race car, and one of Las Vegas Motorspeedway to the other for the headers. I really want to keep using that theme. I'll do the backups as mentioned, but everybody keep your fingers crossed for me.
  3. Hi Bruce and all! I know I'm usually here bugging about why the new update isn't in Fantastico yet....but this time I'm going to wait. I finally have our 3 blogs exactly how I want them to look after tweaking templates and I would hate to have all that I've done (after much trial and error) go out the window. Version 2.33 is working just fine. Have a great day everyone
  4. Nevermind I took out a ticket and Fantasico was updated immediately. Thanks again to all!
  5. Once again Fantasico on the cPanel does not show an update for version 2.3.3. Is this something you can fix as when this happened before? (See my post below regarding version 2.3.2). My server is Chewbacca. Thanks in advance
  6. All better now and 2.32 is showing Thank you all so very much! I really appreciate all the work you folks do.
  7. Hi Dick... I'm still seeing 2.31 here. Server is Chewbacca. Thanks, Kathy
  8. Thanks Bruce. I figured TCH didn't have control over this, but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything regarding this. I have 3 blogs and have never done this manually and I'm not really savvy enough to give it a try. I might make one big mess
  9. WordPress released WordPress 2.32 about 32 days ago. However, this is not yet listed as an update on Fantastico on my CPanel. What's up with that? This is the first time I can think of that an upgrade has taken so long in Fantastico. Also, they seemed to have stopped e-mailing regarding these upgrades. Does anyone have any information at to what is going on? I've been to the Fantastico site and they do offer WordPress 2.32 in their list of software installations. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the welcome, Bruce. One funny thing about this WordPress issue, I use a theme that is widget-ready and the widgets are not affected at all. Curious, huh?
  11. I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work all you folks are doing to fix our WordPress Blogs! It's greatly appreciated.
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