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  1. Ah...cool beans. Just a note, though. You guys might want to put in a verification that checks to make sure you really want to delete the database. I accidentally deleted the wrong one, fortunately I had an export.
  2. How do you drop a database on the version of MySQL used here? I tried the normal DROP DATABASE command, but it is currently disabled. Is there another way to drop the database? Thanks,
  3. How do I change my default page to open an index.php file instead of an index.html file first? I have searched through cpanel, but I can't find an option to change this. Thanks
  4. Ok, I got it fixed. and for anyone else having this strange problem, the fix was to edit the config.php file and the line that says $prefix = "nuke_" needs to have the underscore taken off of it.
  5. Yeah, I have gone through all that. Searching multiple Nuke forums, the most common problem is failure to connect to the database to get the default language. The actual filename is lang-english.php, which exists. But it appears to be unable to pull that from the db. I have ran two scripts, one simply does a db connect, the other does a db connect and verifies that it can see the tables. Both work fine. I will keep digging to see what else I can find.
  6. Actually, I keep getting the error: Warning: main(language/lang-.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ....\html\mainfile.php on line 163 I have done everything in the faq and install instructions, but I can't figure out this problem.
  7. ok, I think I fixed my problem. I deleted the user, but noticed that the user was still listed on the access list for the db. So, I removed the user from the access list, then recreated the user from scratch and gave it access to the db. I now no longer get the above mentioned error, but I am now getting a slew of php errors, mostly due to phpNuke not being able to figure out what language to use. I will dig into this more and keep you posted.
  8. Hello all... I am trying to manually install phpNuke 7.4 and I keep getting an error when I initially fire up the site: There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server, sorry for the inconvenience. We should be back shortly. Database creation went smooth, database user creation went smooth, database table creation script went smooth... I think the problem may be in the config.php file. I am not entirely sure what I am supposed to be putting in those fields. I created the database nuke but the database that is created is <my admin user>_nuke. The same goes for the username. I created the username, and it appends my TCH admin user to the front of the name. I have tried putting in the username and dbname both with and without the admin username appended to the front, but I keep getting the error shown above the first time I try and fire up the site. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks,
  9. Somehow, MySQL is getting tons of errors and I can't get in to administer the database with either phpMyAdmin or Manage MySQL off of the cPanel page. phpMyAdmin gets a username/password error, even though I never got prompted for one, and Manage MySQL doesn't bring up any databases, all of the fields are blank. The only thing I use it for is the phpBB forum, which I never really get into the administration side of the database. Also, the whole site is dragging really bad. The ping times are fine, but the page load times are horrendous. The errors I get when I try to get to my forum is: Well, nevermind...now I can't get to my site at all. I am getting connection refused when attempting to contact www.josephbrandibas.com. I am going to assume there is some kind of maintenance going on and I will try again later. JoeB
  10. I am having some trouble with uploads to my site. I am uploading several movie files and one of the larger ones (40meg) is having a heck of a time. It gets about two thirds of the way and then times out. Also I am having sporadic timeouts when accessing my site. It has been happening sporadically over the past week or so. Has anyone else had any trouble?
  11. Is most of the search engine submit stuff broken in CPanel? It takes forever for the script to finish and when it does, I check the results links and most of them either give me page not found errors or request timed out.
  12. Yeah. Most people don't realize you can do an ipconfig /flushdns (on windows NT 4.0 and above) to force it to go out and get a new dns entry. I didn't realize that Windows remembered that an ip didn't exist, I thought it only registered the old entries of names that changed addresses. Once I realized that, I flushed my dns cache and walah! my site came up. :Nerd: JoeB PS I suppose I could turn the compression up on my coming soon page, but the site will be live very soon, so I think I will let uit wait til then.
  13. I have a question,. How often does AWStats update it's data? When I bring up the stats page it shows no traffic, but when I look at the raw log file, it shows that there has been activity. Thanks,
  14. Cool thanks. I will give it some more time then. I still can't get to it by name from my isp. I also notice that it doesn't resolve in Cancun yet <darn, that was my target audience > JoeB
  15. I am a new TCH customer, and I was wondering, do you guys create the www 'A' record in the dns for my domain? The reason I ask is, I have been waiting for the name to propagate and some of the name servers out there now resolve the domain name, but they find nothing when I use the www host id. Oh, the domain is josephbrandibas.com if you want to try it. when I try and lookup www.josephbrandibas.com anywhere I get nothing, but I do find josephbrandibas.com. Thanks JoeB
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