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  1. I thought so! Its just when I made my first 2 subdomains they were ready instantly! Thanks for the clarification.
  2. I used the CPanel to create a subdomain and it made the directory...but the actual subdomain doesn't work. Also I made a new FTP user and it shows up on the list, however I can't login with it. EDIT: Ok, the FTP user works now, I was just forgetting the @elvenjess.com part. However the subdomain does not work. http://corephp.elvenjess.com/
  3. I noticed you guys are still using the Invision default logo. I found this image while surfing an IBF mod site. Its a blank .gif of the logo file that you can add your own text to. Maybe you could get your logo on somehow?
  4. I just posted this very nice flash/php chat room. It was very easy to install. Click here.
  5. If you use an FTP client, watch the messages as you connect, it should tell you a server number.
  6. Well, the GameCube version is the first I've played so I can't compare it to anything, but I find the graphics to be very good. The story is not as in-depth as some other RPGs (ie. Zelda) but it keeps you interested until you unlock to harder game modes. What I really like is Multi mode with some buddies (makes for a great party game!). I wish I had online, but I'll have to save a bit of cash up first.
  7. Just wondering if anyone is into my latest addiction. I can't keep myself away from my Gamecube!
  8. I found this script while surfing the net and I must say, it is very nice! It uses PHP, MySQL, and a Flash based interface so no more having to refresh to view new messages (phpMyChat) or long load times (Java chat rooms). I suggest you all check it out! http://download.zehnet.de/ There is a demo here.
  9. Hmm...well if you use Invision Power Board, there is a built in calendar...
  10. Never, mind ya'll, I got it working. I emailed to scripts creator and I had to put the full font path in...
  11. I'm trying to get this script work. The hompage can be found here. Basically it creates an image that will say what song I am listening to. I have used it (hosted somewhere else) before and want to move it on to my own sever. Here is an example: The readme can be found here. It works fine until I try to view an image. Then is displays errors as can be seen here. Maybe TCH does not have the requirements?
  12. elvenjess


    Doesn't seem to work in Mozilla...
  13. Found the problem, I forgot to put the @elvenjess.com part in the username.
  14. It won't take the password. I know I'm getting it right as I changed it to a 3 number password...
  15. Ok, I've set up an email account and can log in fine with webmail. I want to set it up in my mail client (Mozilla) and It doesn't work with the mail server I put it: mail.elvenjess.com. What exactly is the mail server?
  16. Well...you would need the ><html>, <head>, and <body> tags...
  17. I know! One of my best online buddies knows so much PHP its scary! I'm part of the family...
  18. And I find this now after I installed it myself... IBF rocks!
  19. I'm 14 years old, living in Canada. I got into web design about a year ago and learned some basic HTML. Now I'm moving along to PHP and CSS and enjoying every step of the way. My website is devoted to Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings tabletop wargame and has grown quite popular over the past year. I finally decided to buy a domain and some good hosting. Found TotalChoice after hours of searching and was amazed. Great service, good packages, and affordable!
  20. Yes! My domain is up and working! w00t!
  21. When I first started out with web design I used Frontpage Express (that was before I started to hate MS ). It helped me learn the basic tags and such. Now I use PHPEdit for most editing (PHP, HTML, CSS). Mozilla rocks! The world would be a lot easier if everyone used Mozilla/Netscape instead of IE with its lack of standards...
  22. My hosting is up and running! One problem...for some odd reason my username is 'elvenje' when I put it as 'elvenjess' , not really important as I am getting a domain but anyhoo... The domain doesn't work, but I've seen this can take a while so I'll be patient. I can't wait to get set up!
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