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  1. I currently play: HL CounterStrike (after all these years...) BF1942 DesertCombat UT (the original) UT2k4 Demo I am haveing to upgrade my machine just to keep up! I am currently awaiting a new Vid card, MOBO, and Processor. I just built a new computer that would be good to use, but I sacrificed it for the betterment of Linux development. BTW, I buy all of my computer stuff lately from NewEgg.com. A guy @ work told me about them and they really rock! I just picked up an AMD 2500+ Barton processor (Retail - with the heatsink and fan) for $80. Free shipping and no tax, how can
  2. That is a great ride. My first car was a 1983 Buick LeSabre Limited. I put that car through the wringer and it still ran solid. At one point I had even broke 3 of the 4 engine mounts . I got them re-welded and was back in business. It only got about 14mpg... but hey! BTW, I have a 2003 Ram Hemi 1500 right now. 345hp, 375fp.... 13 mpg, if you are nice to it. Ya just gotta have a big car and a big engine, thats why we live in the USA (or at least I do)! MJarus. PS. Congrats, and stay away from the speed traps!
  3. Oops... When I said "stylesheet" I meant an XSL style sheet. Not CSS. XSL will allow you to parse it however you want. HOWEVER you must be able to link the XSL to the XML. This can be tricky (or a pain in the rear) if you aren't the one creating the XML or you do not know your target platform. I have a lot of experience with XML reporting, but fortunately I know my target browser is always going to be IE 6. If I can help anymore please let me know. MJarus.
  4. I have just signed up here and I am currently getting my site up and running. NEways, I think it is fully functional as-is. That is one of the things that led me here. I had all of my questions answered just by thumbing through the info that I needed. It was pretty easy to find what I need to know. Could it be easier to navigate? Probably. But with that being said, it is probably easier to screw it up than improve it by that 2-3 extra percent. Just look at msnbc.com IMHO they made that site a lot worse when the reshuffled it. I go there a lot less now. CNN.com made a few changes
  5. Are you talking about an RSS feed? If so, this information may help: http://xml.com/pub/a/2002/12/18/dive-into-xml.html There are some modules for PostNuke that will parse them automatically. These are written in PHP, so you should easily be able to understand them and derive what you need from them. Usually straight XML is displayed through the use of a stylesheet, but if you already know PHP I would download some code to do it for you or just write a PHP parser yourself. If it is an RSS feed then just search Google for RSS and you should find something. MJarus.
  6. So is this the case at TCH? If so then it would be safer than doing 777 for files that were required for writing. BTW, Thanks for the quick reply MJarus.
  7. I currently signed up with TCH after losing my WHOLE account when Endore went under without warning(I know back-up...). Anyways, I have gotten a whole new domain and am ready to start over from square one. My old site was on PostNuke. Here is the question... After looking into CMS security and such I think I have narrowed my choices down to Mambo 4.5 or Drupal. Does anyone know anything at all about these as far as how well the security model is and features? I know that PHP is a security risk on shared servers, but it is so darn easy to customize! Also I believe that the risk is rel
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