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  1. we have the same problem on our site.....the first two months I started banning the sites, but everytime I banned one three more would pop up.
  2. Appreciate the fast reply! That was a piece of cake.
  3. how do you do this because I am averaging a TON of bounces per day in the same manner..... Thanks!
  4. my site is back up (crosses fingers)
  5. are you on server 56 too? I have already submitted a ticket. for some reason the mysql image isn't showing on the server status page.....? This is the 2nd time in less than 4 days
  6. Very Cool! Appreciate the info!! Once again Rock Sign
  7. I was under the impression that if you had to move servers you would have to wait for your domain name to re-propagate and for our site, that wouldn't really be an option. We are looking at moving from Silver to Expert actually (misspoke). Thanks!
  8. If I were to upgrade from a Silver plan to a Gold, would I remain on the same server? (((please say yes)))
  9. I tried posting this in the server status area, but for some reason, we can no longer post there? Server 56 & 57 are down. Any ideas as to what the problem is?
  10. I have a friend that runs another sports forum and he has been hacked by a Vietnamese cracker ----> this guy removed all of the admin accounts and appears to be launching his own site I have googled it, but cannot find a list a of ranges for the IP addresses from the far east (I run a localized sports site, so blocking non-US domains is ok) Anyone know where I can find the info?
  11. thanks. I am thinking 'no', but I can't find the answer on the site or in the forums.
  12. do we have coldfusion on the shared hosting servers? I was looking at adding a CMS script and it is written in CF and the designers asked me if we had coldfusion on the servers. thanks!
  13. I used it for about a year. It was ok; however, most of their R&D money apparently went into the splash screen, LOL. Seriously, it was ok (never had any real problems with it), but after getting Office 2003, I went back to using Outlook
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