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  1. we have the same problem on our site.....the first two months I started banning the sites, but everytime I banned one three more would pop up.
  2. Appreciate the fast reply! That was a piece of cake.
  3. how do you do this because I am averaging a TON of bounces per day in the same manner..... Thanks!
  4. my site is back up (crosses fingers)
  5. are you on server 56 too? I have already submitted a ticket. for some reason the mysql image isn't showing on the server status page.....? This is the 2nd time in less than 4 days
  6. Very Cool! Appreciate the info!! Once again Rock Sign
  7. I was under the impression that if you had to move servers you would have to wait for your domain name to re-propagate and for our site, that wouldn't really be an option. We are looking at moving from Silver to Expert actually (misspoke). Thanks!
  8. If I were to upgrade from a Silver plan to a Gold, would I remain on the same server? (((please say yes)))
  9. I tried posting this in the server status area, but for some reason, we can no longer post there? Server 56 & 57 are down. Any ideas as to what the problem is?
  10. I have a friend that runs another sports forum and he has been hacked by a Vietnamese cracker ----> this guy removed all of the admin accounts and appears to be launching his own site I have googled it, but cannot find a list a of ranges for the IP addresses from the far east (I run a localized sports site, so blocking non-US domains is ok) Anyone know where I can find the info?
  11. thanks. I am thinking 'no', but I can't find the answer on the site or in the forums.
  12. do we have coldfusion on the shared hosting servers? I was looking at adding a CMS script and it is written in CF and the designers asked me if we had coldfusion on the servers. thanks!
  13. I used it for about a year. It was ok; however, most of their R&D money apparently went into the splash screen, LOL. Seriously, it was ok (never had any real problems with it), but after getting Office 2003, I went back to using Outlook
  14. sorry for the delay guys (been out of town for a bit). I ended up having to contact m$ and, LOL, their solution was to download and reinstall. :Nerd:
  15. I've been using Firefox, so this hasn't been a huge issue, but my IE @ home is useless at the moment: when I launch IE, it pulls up fine. If I go to a page that I have never visited, all is fine. If I go to a page that I have visited, then I am looking at a stored version. Here are my settings and what I have done: I've ran Window Washer ~ still does it In internet options, I've deleted my cookies and stored files. Also, in the setttings it is set to check for newer versions of a page at every visit (also tried automatically). What in the heck am I missing? Not that I am missing IE or anything, but I just hate the thought of a 'dead soft' taking up hard drive space
  16. Micro$oft Vulnerability..........the next generation virus can. That is unbelievable, 20???
  17. yep, it won't resolve due to still waiting on the http info so I can upload the site ~ it's eady and raring to go Sorry @ the 4 part thing ~ missed it........
  18. If you aren't a member here, all you have to do is look at the repeat business The team is fast to respond to any issues and you would swear that the Head Guru never sleeps............find me one other site where the owner has this much of an active part of the day to day running of things? Yep, you aren't going to find it..........glad to have found this place!! http://www.topsecsites.com Rankings site for South Eastern Conference websites
  19. worked like a charm Appreciate everyone's help!! Now I can review my stats and see where a couple of people have been 'traipsing'
  20. Ok, first off, what can I say ~ my computer area is never the cleanest area (it is my e-bay area ) Since I have 56k at home and a T1 at work, I do my power surfing there (just don't tell anyone). I just started on my Bachelor's Degree @ 35 years old and boy that laptop sure would come in handy Work Area (doesn't include the fifteen pc server rack @ 6 feet away) Home PC (yep, its cool to look at when you can see the monitor and yes, those ARE 3.5" floppy disks in front of the monitor ) If you look over to the extreme right hand side of the photo, those are Copenhagen cans stacked up ~ gotta have a vice other than the net, right?
  21. Smart FTP is the way to go ~ easy to use + it's free It is especially handy if you are dealing with Invision Forums because the CHMOD function is in the right click tree........
  22. would it be possible to parse out the IP's along with the url that the person was at? What is the easiest way to parse them out into a spreadsheet (ie:excel) Thanks!
  23. OK, I finally figured out how to open my raw stats log in win xp............now for the $64 Million dollar question ~ is there any way possible to sort this file by the IP addresses?
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