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    love: My baby girl, My beautiful Wife & old friends<br>drive: Fieros, Tuckers & Cobras<br>crave: Powertools, Firearms & Gadgets<br>use: OS X, BeOS & Linux<br>design: Film, Photography & Web<br>listen: U2, DM, & Foo<br>play: FPSs, RTSs & PS2<br>com: IMAP, IM & 802.11<br>tools: PHP, CSS & TCH<br>Simplicity, Fuctionality & lists of 3 :)
  1. on that same note, i have had a client of mine set up with zencart as well, it worked great. using payflowlink btw. now im setting up a new cart for the same client using a more robust CMS (joomla) and Virtuemart. (which operates very much the same way zen cart did if not easier. but im having serious issues configuring this time around and im afraid that Verisign's Payflowlink may be to blame. heres what I know. I have configured the CMS and Cart and have set up a test product. also configured the payment system to use Payflowlink again. (that took a bit more than i thought it should ) followed directions form this link: http://virtuemart.net/index.php?option=com...p;topic=17411.0 im getting this error after finalizing the purchase details Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pfpro_process() the guy on the virtumeart forum advised the following are you set up to this? (im assuming so if it worked in the past on a differnt cart but im unsure)
  2. ok, ive tried everything mike suggested. im not having any sucess. just an inbox full of errors. /bin/sh: /home/yourcpanelname/public_html/runcron.php: /usr/local/bin/php <?php : bad interpreter: No such file or directory
  3. i just started getting cron errors last night "/home/yourcpanelname/public_html/scripts/cron-curl.sh: line 2: /usr/bin/curl: Permission denied" guess im gonna try mikes suggestion Edit: TCH-Bruce - removed cpanel name from post
  4. without a doubt an eagle. flying has got to the one thing i envy.
  5. godaddy here too trying to migrate all of em there, was with register long ago
  6. wow, i may go back to standard
  7. Im hoping its a billing system option
  8. Come on people! A mac is nothing to be ashamed of. Thumbs Up (as long as your running X) Amazed at the artifacts some of you are getting on with. kudos. This is my hole in the ground. You can experience it here. soon to be remodeled btw.
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