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  1. Ivan the Terrible becomes Ivan the Insane - gee, will this cretan never leave?
  2. Steve - Thanks for the update, and thank goodness you and yours are safe and intact. Still lots of prayers headed to all those in that area who will have weeks of difficulty ahead of them. Glad all is well with you. Thumbs Up
  3. finish (...my garden is finishing for the season )
  4. woman (...so did Halle do justice to the role or what????)
  5. boundaries (...the new buzzword of parenting)
  6. Three images in the upper-left corner of the page you linked to do not display for me in IE. I went to a few of the galleries and they were fine - nice pics.
  7. 141 - the center 3 digits of my phone number
  8. turnips (....making little kids eat turnips is the maximum cruelty - comes in a Scots-Irish household)
  9. 135 - On September 20th Rob is going to be 1 year younger than 35
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