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  1. ‹iwod› Answer:> No, you can not have a domain name pointing to a sub folder, however if I understand right, you can have more than one domain pointing to the main site. You can read the Web Hosting Terms of Service Aswell as the Acceptable Use Policy and almost all of the questions about "Restrictions" will be answered. › Have a Great Day/Night! ‹
  2. O yes, Don, the site has changed like 500 times, and I am making a new layout, but it is gonna take awhile, so I will eventually get happy with my work. Hehe Godsmack has me wanting to type for some reason
  3. lol well honestly, Life was happening to me, but once I hit 11 I decided not to let it happen again, so now I have a big notebook full of things I want from life, the world is full of death, but I would love the chance to an effect in someone's life, just once knowing that I helped in the process of saving someone's life. ................Well for now................... C-ya all, Time for me to get some sleep, work tommorrow night EEEEKKKK!!!!!
  4. Hehe, Yes, I am very pleased, just can't stay around the forums for long, my eye's begin to turn blue and my work/school suffer greatly, *Not to mention my typos* I think I have corrected like 10 of my posts over 100+ times lol. I guess the oldness is getting to me, can't stay up all night and party no more Well, as far as my experience here, how can it get any worse lol, to drop from a $19.99 plan at yahoo to a $5.00 a month and $10.99 a year LOL! And all the friendly people around to boot! Yes Mr. Bill, EMT is the life away from my fantasy world lol, I think
  5. <stevevan> Ya'Bet! It will be a few years before I need to go to the Air Force, I don't need to get my Medic wings untill after I get my hours of field training and the various EMT levels completed. I have to complete over 2,400 hours before I will be able to go to EMT-I and EMT-P so It is gonna be a long wait, but the life is simple to plan out lol. EMS is a good fun career choice, and I plan to ride out the long wait. As of Monday February 9'th 2004, I will be the first 16 y/o to start EMT-Basic training, and hopefully in Jan. Hopefully I will be a 16 y/o National Registe
  6. ‹TCH-Raul› LoL! Good point, but per the Breaking into my locked box, first they have to get into my home, then into my bedroom, then they can steal it lol, I am on XP, I have been infected with the MS Blaster Virus, aswell as a SubSeven Trojan Horse, which happened about 10 minutes ago, and the IP which was trying to connect to my computer, was neotraced, and reported to the Cyber Crime Unit, which is part of my local FBI Branch Here in Mississippi. It's Simple, you can catch people over the net trying to hack you, but it is easier to hack people and get the stuff off of their PC, than
  7. Hiyas Don and Lianna, It might just be me, but arn't password-finders/keepers not very good for safety? I mean if the rare chance something happens and you get hacked, or have a trojan, then people can steal your passwords and access your accounts, I personally like printing all of my usernames and passwords, putting them in my big notebook full of internet related materials, then put it in my fireproof locked box.
  8. I agree with wigoweb indeed! I have always had my questions answered in a timely and friendly way. As per the e-mailing, you shouldnt "E-Mail" your username and password to your cPanel out, even with encryption, if I where you, as soon as TCH gets your problem solved I would consider changing my password. The HelpDesk with Tickets are always the way to go! And o yeah Rock Sign ! Have a awesome day!
  9. First off, I have only been with TCH for almost a month now, but this isnt my first experience with webhosting. Geocities is the best free service, but I need my own space, the space to call my own, Yahoo! Webhosting. is EXTREMELY Expensive and is not at all as good as TCH with the support area, they do have a 1-800 number, but when you think about it, by the time you wait the 20 minutes of #1's and #2's then you have to wait about an hour to get a tech, then you have to give your Username and Password, and last four credit card numbers which isnt anything bad the last 4 digits is nothi
  10. Heyas stevevan, Yes Air Force lol, T'is where I am going to get my pilot wings once I get through all the EMT-B EMT-I EMT-P And EMT-D training and testing, once I get the pilot wings ima persue the career to it's full potential. And once I get about 99 ima retire and collect all that money from the bank then go on a huge shopping spree! lol! By then, if TCH is still around and "Hopefully it will be" I will buy the entire family a steak dinner at the best 5-Star Stakehouse! How's that commercial go? Teeheeeheeee!
  11. Yes Indeed, Welcome Home Santolina!!! You will love it here! And if you need anything Just ask, I have only been here for almost a month now myself, but your making a great choice and you wont regret it!
  12. Heya Tonsa, Yup lol, lots of abbr's that's like my fav. thing in the whole wide world is abbr's lol, well excluding "Lights and sirens doing 85 in a 55 Speed Zone!" Opps did I say that? lol *Covers Keyboard up*
  13. Hello Fellow Family Members! First off, my brother pays and owns the site, and It is mine to destroy lol Didnt think anyone would allow a 16 year old to own a site, or atleast yahoo! doesnt, and didnt see anything against it in the ToU, but just to be safe, my brother Alan does own the site. Great news, I have always wanted to become a flight medic since before I can remember, well that dream might become a reality! "But I am only 16 as of February 9'th of next month" I am a member of a Online EMS Community, and one of my friends has informed me that I can go for 1,200 hour
  14. Jeff, You may want to go to the Help Desk and drop a ticket and let TCH sort the problem out for you.
  15. Jeff, I am on the silver plan aswell, though I have been here for almost a month now. Mine is working fine. Have you got anything on the site yet? or is it empty?
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