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  1. Are totalchoice web hosting getting a new web design frontpage? Coz i always think the frontpage does not reflect the quality hosting toal host has too offer.
  2. Yes i have other qs............ I saw on findmyhosting forum a user post that he had been rejected simply because he has a IP in bankok and a credit card in UK. Here is a few things i don't understand. 1. I spent my summer, christmas, or easter around the round such as USA, singaore, Hong Kong, twain and Janpan. While i spent most of my time in UK since i live in UK. So i have a UK account. Does that mean i can't order things when i am not in UK? 2. If i am paying 12 months in advance why would it matter if i am UK or not? Anyway........... you are not even accepting
  3. I will keep it short and simple since i have type up a 200 + word question and loss it due to my STUPID ISP! 1. Is Daily Back with any of the plan? 2. Can i have domain name redirect to a sub folder using serives from my name register. ( becoz your pre q sound like very strict about one domain name per account ) 3. So in theory i can't have gaming .com for my gaming part of website? ( Same website but different part )
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