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  1. It's server 54. I added the * to my access hosts and I tried using my domain name as the hostname, but it still just wont work.
  2. I have 2 counterstrike servers hosted elsewhere. I need them to access the mysql database I created on TCH. I can't figure out what I should use as my hostname. I tried using my domain (clanmdc.com) and I even used a ping plotter to find the ip address of the TCH server my site is hosted on. Nothing I try works. Here is an example of the file I have to edit to access mysql: amx_mysql_host "clanmdc.com" amx_mysql_user "mysql username" amx_mysql_pass "mysql password" amx_mysql_db "clanmdc_website"
  3. I have sent emails multiple times to tch trying to get some help. I sent the first email 5 days ago, and I still have not gotten a responce. I've had some issues with my domain name and I lost the email that contained my password for the cpanel. I offered verification. I would appreciate it if the people I am paying would at least try to help me.
  4. well that's just it, I need to have something outside of the local host access it. When I try the domain it doesn't work, it says it can't connect. Is there by chance an IP address I can use? That would make it a lot easier.
  5. what should I put in for my hostname for the mysql database? I can't get it to work.
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