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  1. Yep. I'm in the process of changing mine from brown to gray........
  2. Doh! Time to avoid the Forums. I'm getting myself into trouble every which way I turn today.
  3. Garage??? We have a garage???? Sweetie, you never told me!!! Guess it's time to get out the whip!
  4. Bunni


    Thanks, Boojum. The last entry was Odessa, Texas Picking up where we left off with these rules, I respectfully submit Saskatchewan
  5. Bunni


    Question, Boojum? How does this apply to places that have the same name but in different localities? For instance, you used Odessa, Texas. Back where I come from, we also have an Odessa, Ontario.
  6. Musings from the Everyday Housewife: Aw geez, does this mean he gets his own room 'cause his swelled head ain't gonna leave much room for me.........
  7. geek Such name calling! LOL!
  8. Oh... and yes, still eating beef. And anything else that runs too slow.....
  9. Thumbs Up Way to go, TCH-Rob! Keep up the good work!
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