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  1. Hi guys! Recently I've been getting several returned emails from Mailer-Daemons. The issue I have is that I haven't sent any mail to the addresses that are kicking back to my account. Obviously, someone is using my domain to send spam out. I don't want this issue to lead to SPAM problems for me or TCH. Is there any way to prevent this practice? Thanks
  2. For some reason I'm unable to enter cPanel tonight. I haven't changed my password... Is there any known issue with cPanel?
  3. Happy to report it just came back up! Thank you Rock Sign
  4. Hey TCH, Could you check the email server my email for jaypo.com (Server50) is not responding. It's been more than 5 minutes so I thought you might like to know. Thanks
  5. Hey TCH - have you heard of the changes that Verisign is planning for .com and .net's? Will this change have any affect on our TCH hosted domains? If you haven't seen the story, I found a copy at the following link: http://www.computerworld.com/newsletter/0,...00.html?nlid=WS
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